Friday, June 10, 2011

Want List....

Occasionally I feel selfish and want to make a needless list of wants! So here it is.....

1. A Romper - yeah, I know, some of you probably think these are ugly but I think with cute sandals and fun jewelry they are adorable and I want one SO bad! I tried on a few before I went to the beach but they all had super short shorts, like cheek hanging out short!!!! LOL! Bad mental picture but I really like this one from Target. Maybe I'll get one before summer is over!

2. New bikini top - I only own one and I've already worn it to death i think! This one from Target is uber cute, they have a great bathing suit selection and not bad prices on them. Bathing suit prices are UNREAL at some places. $80 for a swim suit? Are you serious?

3. Bright Yellow Nail Polish - Love this! And I want some, it looks great with dark tanned skin and since I've got a pretty decent tan going on now I think bright yellow would be perfect for my toes!

4. The newest Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz. Loved this series and I've read them all except this one and I can't wait. There are also rumors of them doing an Odd Thomas movie! How exciting!

5. Dean Koontz's latest Frankenstein Series book - The Dead Town. Again, amazing series and I can't wait to read this one! I'm doing a lot of reading out by the pool now so I'm going through book pretty fast again.

5. A new tattoo! I'm dying for some new ink! Seriously. I've got my newest piece all picked out (and no it's not this one although I LOVE this one and have thought about it!!!). I'm still holding my breath that my hubby might get one soon (hint hint! Hehe!). No, actually, I don't think he's the tattoo type so I'll just get them for both of us!

6. A night away for me and my hubs! It would be so nice.....I sleep SO good in hotel beds and there is just something so great about chilling in bed, watching TV, cranking the A/C way up and snuggling under the covers and then waking up to breakfast waiting for you downstairs! I love staying in hotels and I would love to get away for a night. We do have an anniversary coming up, maybe we'll sneak away!

So yeah, there's my "wants" for the moment, this immediate moment at least!


  1. I am exploring rompers as well! Haha. Right now, I may just get a pj's romper because the shorts are short, but I agree they are cute! And, I had yellow polish in my basket the other day but put it back (conscience kicking in about saving money), but I will get some. :)

  2. I always talk myself out of new polish because good ones like OPI are SO flippin' expensive! I mean, $6-7 bucks? Sheesh! But I'm going to try on some rompers this afternoon and see if I can find one with long enough shorts!

  3. I'm so glad you participated in my "get to know you" post (: Thanks girl! OH MAN I just got a romper at Target for the beach this summer... SO excited to wear it- I don't care if it makes me look like a little girl (like some people think) I love them!

  4. I finally got a romper the other day and wore it yesterday and I'm in love!!! I dressed mine up a bit with cute sandals and a necklace for a movie date with my hubby but it's so comfy, I really want to get a cute "jean" one from Target or somewhere. The one I have is black but yeah, I think they are adorable!