Friday, May 6, 2011

Words & Pictures

I guess have taken way too many photos of my daughter because she's tired of it now! I really have to work and coax her to smile when I say "cheese" and point my phone or camera at her. The other day before my mom left to head back to Bama we grabbed lunch with my sis at our favorite eating joint called Doc Chey's Noodle House! So very yummy - their Vietnamese Spring rolls with Sweet Chili sauce are to die for! Gianna just eats them up!
After that we walked across the street in downtown Asheville to the Marble Slab Creamery and got a sweet treat. Gianna is obsessed with all things strawberry especially strawberry ice cream! You get a "mix-in" at Marble Slab and she wanted cherries but they were out so she opted for blueberries mixed into her strawberry ice cream! So cute. I had a simple small scoop of vanilla with butterfinger mixed in!
Our Mr. Kitty - Gandalf. People love to comment on how "evil" he looks. Those orange eyes get them! But I know he's super sweet and so I see his face as more grumpy then anything!
We have this new rule when we go grocery shopping - well, I guess it's not a rule, it's more a compromise! Gianna does not like to sit in the back of the buggy, if I put her there she stands the whole time and I hate it. So I've started negotiating with her - that if she'll sit in the front of the buggy, in the seat, and she'll be good she can pick out a small "goodie" at the front. Usually it's a $1 (or less) snack but it makes the shopping trip SO much easier for me with her contained in the front. This last time she chose cotton candy - she's always bummed it's not on the little paper cone. One day I've got to take her somewhere where they serve the cotton candy on little paper cones!

One thing my new iPhone doesn't have that my iPod Touch did was the reversible camera. The Touch had a camera on both sides so a simple touch of a button changed it from a front facing camera to facing me without me having to turn the Touch around. My iPhone doesn't have that feature so I'm learning the art of taking "blind" photos of myself. I lucked out with this one!

Our pool is pretty much in completely order but it's been kinda chilly the past few days - I got a few more last minute details to do with the chemicals and getting the last bit of leaves and sludge out of the bottom but other then that the water is pretty much perfectly clear! I can't wait for it to get hot enough to actually swim. Bug and I donned bathing suits and went and laid out in the sun for about an hour yesterday - I read a book and she blew bubbles and soaked her legs with sticky "bubble juice"! But she loved it! Hoping today we may get a good hour or so of sun to soak up before we head out for the evening......
Is she not the flippin' cutest?! I love how she bends that one leg! She is in love with playing "gardening" - which means she gets a cup of water, makes mud in our flower beds and digs around until a bug freaks her out and sends her scuttling back inside for protection!

I swear, my feet are much cuter in person! Lol! Pictures of them make them look even shorter and stubbier then they really are (I think!). But I love my white toenails right now. I think it makes my feet look tanner! I did the whole French manicure for awhile but that's really a pain in the neck to do yourself especially when your toenails are so tiny like mine. So I just went for all out white this time around!

I got my iPhone case in the mail yesterday and it came with this piece of bubble wrap. Gianna snagged it and played with it all afternoon. We decided to go to Outback for dinner last night (yum!) and I told her to get her back pack and put a few toys in it. So she did and we left.....when we got there she said she wanted to play with some of her toys so she digs in her bag and pulls out the piece of bubble wrap! I totally cracked up! And out of all her toys she brought this was the only thing she played with while we were there.....I know we probably had some people thinking "what the crap?!" but hey, she was happy and that meant we were happy!

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