Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer time, baby!

We have had an amazing weekend and I'm so sad it's winding down already....usually the Hubs has Fri-Sun off but this week he worked this past Friday to make up for missing today so it kinda through my week off some but it was worth it! We went and saw the new Pirates on Saturday night, it was great! SO much better then the last one for sure! Sunday we went to church (and let me just say, I love our church and I especially love our wonderful pastor!) and we had an UH-mazin worship leader from Morning Star church in Charlotte named Leonard Jones. Absolutely incredible worship service! After that we went home and enjoyed some pool time before we cleaned up and headed to Outback for dinner - so yummy! We adore that place, if you haven't figured it out yet. Today we spent pretty much the whole day out at the pool - Bug and I ran and picked up floats and goggles and food this morning before the sun got good and hot. The hubby met up with one of his buddies for a bit after lunch but other then that we have pooled ourselves are a few pictures from our lovely day poolside!

(He'll probably kill me for putting this up but I thought it was cute and funny at the same time!
He was totally goofing off for the camera!)

(Bug and I - she wears so many floats in the pool it's comical!)

(My good looking man!)

(Um, yeah, I put these in here! Lol! I'm proud of how hard I work out
and it does pay off.....I'm not done yet though!)

(My uber cute kiddo!)

(Chillaxin'.....excuse the mess in the background. We aren't rednecks, I promise!
We are still cleaning up from that big storm.....)

(Totally playing around again! He and Gianna soak each other with these squirt gun things!)


(Grill master!)

(Lunch by the pool - PB&J)

(Ready to "swim"!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

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