Wednesday, May 18, 2011

M.I.A - Pt. 2 Beach Trip!

First I'd like to report that as of about an hour ago we finally have running water again! I've never been so happy - so happy I cleaned the toilets first thing! Lol! Oh, yeah. Thankfully a couple of great guys from our church came over today and helped my dad remove the tree, cut it up and fix the busted water pump. SO thankful!

Now on to my lovely weekend away! Let me say that everyone needs time away and I needed this trip. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my hubby and daughter but I don't care who you are - you NEED time to yourself. It was so amazing only having to get me ready, only having to worry about myself, waking up when I wanted and only packing for me! Sound selfish? Yeah, it does but I wouldn't want it all the time. I did miss Beej and Gianna alot and I was happy to return home to them and my routine. But those few days away from reality were wonderful!

Thursday we got there mid afternoon and immediately headed to the beach and spent an hour or so just enjoying the sand and surf. After that we got ready and headed to dinner at a super fun spot called Lambert's "Home of the throwed rolls!". Good country cooking but the reason you go is for the fun atmosphere and the fact that they throw your rolls at you! My first roll the guy threw right into my face and I deflected it and tossed into the lap of the girl behind me! Fun times!

Friday we planned to spend at the beach and headed out first thing in the morning but it ended up being kinda overcast and rainy that day so we got ready and went shopping and went to another great place for dinner called Lulu's. The owner is Jimmy Buffet's sister, Lucy Buffet. We went with my aunt and grandmother when were there back in Nov. It's a lot of fun - big open air dining and live music.
Saturday was gorgeous and absolutely perfect beach weather - hot and sunny! D and I got up earlier then mom and Charity and went out and walked the beach and picked up a few shells. D collects them whenever she goes places with shells and fills this big vase with them. She only collects unique shells, not perfect ones! The beach was so beautiful!

I also chopped my sister's hair off Saturday night too (see above pic). She likes to keep it short since she works alot and doesn't want to have to spend tons of time on it but this is the shortest she's ever gone. I think it looks so good - she has a great jawline for it! I later put a bunch of blonde in it as well.....but back to Saturday. We spent all day out on the beach and got totally toasted! It was slightly painful but we all coated ourselves in aloe vera gel and called it a good day. That evening we went to this cute little hole in the wall place called Johnny's Gyros and since it was D's graduation trip and she wanted Greek food that's what we did. I ended up with a lamb gyro that was scrumptious!

Sunday we spent a little time on the beach but it was a little windy and since we were all burnt from the day before we didn't want to risk burning ourselves anymore so we went out for a dolphin cruise. To be honest I didn't expect to actually see any dolphins but we did! My sis caught a couple of shots of them. Since they are free and wild you just kinda have to know where to go and hope they surface. It was alot of fun and just seeing all the scenery and the beautiful houses along the shore line was great too!

Monday was my mom's birthday so we went to the Island Pancake House for breakfast (where I got french toast! Lol!) and gave her gifts before we had to part ways and make our way home. My sis and I had an almost ten hour drive there and back so we got on the road by mid morning. We jammed to the radio because we forgot CD's in all the mad rush of getting out at 5am with no power (at her house) and no water at mine. But all in all, a wonderful trip and a great get away. Hopefully we can do a girl's trip once a year!

Beej was so great with Gianna while I was gone too - they went to KidzPlay, got ice cream two different times, rented the Justin Bieber movie and watched it twice, and went to the zoo! I'm so happy to have such a great husband who I can totally trust to take care of my baby girl even in the midst of the chaos of not having water! I am so blessed!

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  1. I need some beach please! Wish there was one near me, and a zoo too! not so much JB! Happy Sunday dear!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries