Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lessons Learned

I have long ago established the fact in my own mind that having a different opinion then someone else almost guarantees that you won't have a place on their "friend" list. But I've also learned that people who can't handle the fact that other people see things differently then they do probably aren't people you want to be on their "friend" list! Facebook is the biggest place for people to throw their opinions back and forth. And I admit, I do get caught up in it sometimes. For the most part though I keep my mouth shut on SO much. There are things that I know are just not worth fighting over. There are also times I don't say anything because I know it might cause problems and I care enough about that person and their opinion that I don't challenge it just for the sake of peace. But occasionally there is an opinion expressed that I don't just personally disagree with but that I disagree with on a spiritual level. And then I feel it is my right to speak up especially if I have scripture to back up what I'm saying. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "holier then thou" kinda person - I know I still have lots to learn when it comes to my Savior and all that is expected of me as a Christian. I daily fall short but I still know what is right and what the Word says. And for that I will not apologize or back down. I won't go into detail but there was recently a post on FB by a "friend" that I disagreed with and I felt she was Biblically wrong on. I expressed that and shared a few scriptures with her - she is a very "spiritual" person I figured she would be open to something like that. But I guess no matter how spiritual you act or talk there comes a time when your flesh takes over and you just get pissed because someone doesn't see it your way. More then anything was a little surprised and taken back at how this person's mother reacted to me! I have always thought age equaled maturity and wisdom but it's most certainly not so in this day and age. It saddened me because within a day or two of this "exchange" she removed me from her "list". We weren't great friends or anything so I wasn't disappointed or upset just sorta surprised because she has never seemed like a person to get so caught up on trivial exchange of opinions. But hey, so be it. I can't back down when it comes to people misrepresenting the Gospel especially when they are constantly flaunting their spirituality and constantly talking about all the spiritual things they do, live, breath, work, read, etc. But I have ceased to be surprised at people! My husband and I were talking today about how special people are who we truly have been constants in our lives, even when things seem crazy and chaotic these people are still rocks for us. My parents taught me that people are come and go - we can't get bent out of shape and torn apart when people show their true colors and we have to separate ourselves from them in order to better ourselves. Lately it seems I have seen a lot of people come and go in my life but for the season they have been in my life I have learned things - some have been positive things, some have been things I have taken as life lessons, some are things I've learned about myself and either been proud of or worked to change. I am learning to see these comings and goings as seasons and to enjoy the changes as I go! I am learning to be appreciative of lessons learned!


  1. I understand, Those friends that enjoy having different opinions are the best to have! It is hard to find them... Hope you had a great mother's day!

  2. I definitely don't think that age equals wisdom and maturity...unfortunately. Some people never learn how to act respectfully towards others. That always disappoints me.

    I love your outlook on this. I do admit that I sometimes have a hard time with letting people go, even when it is so obvious that they would be better out of my life. I am inspired by your words!

    Hope you had a happy mother's day!

  3. Thank you, Ashley! It has just been recently that I have started being "Ok" with people coming and going out of my life. I went through a really, really rough time losing two "friends" who ended up not being true friends at all. Through that situation I think I learned a lot and grew a lot. Still doesn't mean I love it or anything but I'm getting better!