Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture "Perfect"

A few photos from our weekend......

1. Friday we tried a new restaurant.....Bug was so pleased with the pizza toy she got to play with!
2. West First Wood-Fired pizza! So, so yummy and we loved the modern feel.
3. Me!
4. My oh-so-dreamy hubby! You can be jealous....

1. I LOVE the Clementine Izze drink - fruit juice and sparkling water. It's like a soda but healthier!
2. The Melissa & Doug pizza set
3. Beej's pizza - pepperoni and mushroom
4. Mine and Bug's pizza - pepperoni

1. Samples at Costco - her favorite? I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on bread! Lol!
2. Plant shopping at Lowe's - Janou bought her a petunia.

1. Bug has discovered her love for steak!
2. Happy girl!
3. I wore a pretty flower in my hair......and I made it!

1. My mom's adorable new ride, a Kia Soul. It's so cute and I absolutely love it! I have a thing for little square cars!
2. My freakin' awesome iPhone case....we got our phones today (woot! woot!) so hopefully our cases will be here soon too.

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  1. oh my gosh.
    you and your girl are so freakin adorable. :)