Monday, May 23, 2011

Back On Track!

(Gotta get back to this!)

I will admit it, people, I've been a slacker lately when it comes to eating right. I know, I know. Shame on me. But I have kept up with my work outs. To be honest I just got bored and tired of keeping up with everything I'm eating, counting calories, making sure it's all healthy, etc. BUT I've seen the results of that too - I've gained a few pounds but mostly I just feel yucky and frumpy and that attitude totally carries over to every day things and my attitude towards others. Because I feel crappy about myself I end up being snappy with my husband and short and cross with my daughter and short fused with others around me. And I hate being like that and feeling like that all because I've been lazy and unmotivated. I am seriously contemplating trying a shake program called Visalus. I have heard good things about it and I'm thinking about trying it for a month and seeing how I like it. It's two complete nutrition shakes and one balanced meal a day. It is quite a chunk of money upfront but you cut down on your groceries for the month a lot too - and at this point I feel like I buy so much stuff when I'm eating right because I have to eat 5-6 meals a day and I have to have some kind of variety to keep me interested at all! I am thankful for my iPhone app Myfitnesspal because without it I would really hate keeping up with my calories. Not to mention the first few days of getting back on track are always rough - especially since for some reason this time around with not eating right I drank alot of Coke. I usually have one now and then with a meal out or pizza but this time I drank one of more a day and that's so not like me. And now coming off the caffeine isn't fun! I've had a lingering head ache all day......I gotta get back to my water, vitamins, veggies and fruit! SO this morning I started eating right again, I feel better just knowing I'm eating right but I do have to get these pounds off again. It's so much easier to gain them then it is to lose them!

I have seriously thought about starting a fitness/health blog separate from this one simply because it does help me to post about my eating habits and about my work outs but I don't want to consume this blog with all that and I know that not all of you would be interested in hearing about all that day in and day out. But what do you think? Should I start a fitness/health blog on the side? Just to keep me accountable and to also help those who are interested get ideas and be encouraged to keep at it themselves as well......hmmm. Who knows, I'll keep thinking about it and let you know what I decide!

So for now, here's to eating healthy and losing weight and being fit!!!

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