Monday, May 16, 2011

M.I.A. - Part 1

I know that I have been missing almost a week here on my blog and I do apologize but it's been quite a week - good and bad. Tuesday night of last week we went to bed not thinking much of the wind blowing outside. Figured it was just another Spring thunder storm cropping up. Around midnight I woke up with a start hearing the wind absolutely howling outside, thunder booming right on the roof it seems, rain pounding down and lightening like I had never seen - a constant strobe light type lightening. I usually sleep through storms so the fact that this one woke me up made me realize it was bad. And suddenly I was scared, completely freaked out. The way the wind was blowing and everything was howling and cracking and groaning I felt like the house was going to collapse around us. And I knew the whole back of our house is lined by trees of every size, shape and height. We got Gianna up and brought her to our bed and she slept through all of that! Gandalf rarely gets in bed with us but he was totally freaked as well and climbed in bed and snuggled up with Gianna. The power went out and then flickered on and off for a bit, then out completely. After about 15 minutes of complete chaos it seemed to have passed over and we all settled down best we could in our bed and tried to get some sleep. The next thing I remember was Beej waking me up at 6am when he leaves for work and telling me to get outside one of our big trees had fallen.....I run outside to see a MASSIVE tree had fallen and completely smashed our shed - the shed that holds our lawn mowers, the freezer, the pool supplies, and most importantly the well pump because we have well water out here in the middle of nowhere! Water was spewing everywhere because when the tree fell it smashed the pipes.....I called my parents, waking them up at 5am their time, and finally figured out how to shut off the power to the pump and the hot water heater. After that Beej left for work and I spent the whole day trying to get ready and packed for the beach, trying to figure out what to do about the lack of water, the huge tree that needed to be moved, the crazy amounts of debris in the pool which we had just finally gotten in order. I hesitated going to the beach and leaving Bug and Beej with the mess and no water and not really sure when or if this was going to be fixed any time soon. But Beej said I managed to pack up, took Bug and I over to my mother in law's to wash some laundry and get showers. Left Bug with her and went home and slept before my sis picked me up at 5am to head to the beach. So that's why I've been gone! Craziness and then I was at the beach where we had no internet but we had loads of fun and tomorrow I'll get my pictures in order and get them posted. But for now here are a few from the damage here. Oh and did I mention we still don't have water? And we have no idea when it might be fixed. My dad is supposed to come up here in the next day or two and hopefully start the process of removing the tree and finding someone to fix the well pump. I am grateful, grateful that the tree didn't hit the house, grateful that we are ok....and I should leave it at that. But it is not fun or easy without water - we can't wash dishes without a lot of hauling water from our water stand (luckily my hubby works for a bottled water company and we have large 5 gallons jugs of water and a stand that keeps the water hot and cold), and we can't flush toilets without hauling water from the pool to fill the tanks and we can't take showers.....and the list goes on. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'll get up some photos from the beach trip and tell you all about the loads of fun I had with my sisters and my mom!!!

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