Thursday, May 26, 2011


1. I'm back on track peeps and in two days I've dropped two pounds! Lol! I love it! I love how eating right and working out like mad works. Period. People who say it doesn't haven't really put effort into it. I'm still loving Turbo Fire. It's a fun work out and it has a great variety of long and short cardio work outs, sculpting and toning and stretching. Perfect!

2. It's time for me to go get a few swim suit tops - I usually wear tankini's when I go out somewhere but when I'm here at home I break out the two piece for tanning and I need some new tops.....Target has THE best selection of swim suits! Absolutely the best and that's where I need to go. They have this gorgeous bright yellow one that will blind you - I want it!

3. Our pool is looking great and it's almost hot enough to jump in! So far I've been putting my feet in when I get really hot from laying out but that's all I've done. I can't brave putting my entire body in yet but Gianna has and she'll stay in until she's shaking and her lips are blue. She's so cute picking out her swim suit or "ma-kini", she can't quite get the "bi" in there.

4. I am so very excited about Super 8 coming out - if you haven't seen the trailer's yet go HERE and check ONE or TWO out! It comes out in a couple of weeks (June 10th) and I think we're going to try and plan a date night out with friends and do dinner and a movie. We recently went to downtown Hendersonville and met up with some friend and had dinner at this amazing little place called Never Blue. We totally loved it and already have a couple of other fun places we want to check out down there.

5. We have finally gotten stuff cleaned up since the big storm, we still have a few things we are trying to get in order but for the most part it's finally back to some kind of order. A few more things to haul off but thank God for my dad coming and helping us get things going. And for the amazing guys that come from our church, Father's Vineyard, to help us remove the tree, the HUGE tree that was on the shed and helped fix the well pump too. After a week of no water I wanted to hug that guy that fixed it! Our pastor was so thoughtful to send a few guys out and I can't thank him enough!

6. Three months until Gianna heads off to preschool! I'm so excited for her, she does so well with other kids and loves the interaction. She hates leaving nursery now at church because it means parting with her fun friends. I know she loves to learn and she's so brilliant and I know she's going to do so well. And no, I'm not freaking out about her being at school! I'll miss her but I plan to stay busy, hopefully with a job, so time will go by fast.

7. It's time for a hair cut and maybe even a massage soon. I've never had a hot stone massage and I think I'll try it next time. I usually do a deep tissue because my muscles stay so tense and tight from working out but the hot stones and oils sound SO nice right about now! And I'm growing my hair out, slowly but surely and it needs a trim. I flat iron is every day so it gets fried fast!

8. I'm way behind on my hair accessory making - I've got to get some more ready to take down to the salon that's selling them for me. I keep going in my work room upstairs and looking at every thing and I desperately need to get back up there and start working but I always seem to have something else going.

9. I started The Vampire Diaries yesterday - it's pretty good. A little cheesy in some places and a little over the top in others but not bad. I swear they stole some of the musical score from Twilight for it, for reals. I'm seriously missing Fringe - I'm dying for the 3rd season to come out already! I don't watch TV shows really - I don't have the time to keep up and make sure I'm in front of the TV at that exact time. I usually catch Criminal Minds and CM:Suspect Behavior mainly because I just happen to flip to that channel at the right time! If it's a show I'm really interested in I just wait until I can get it on Netflix. So much easier!

10. Looking forward to great weather, grilling out and loads of watermelon this weekend! I do plan to spend lots of time out by the pool eating sugar free popsicles. I'm totally in love with them! I can eat like three or four for like 50 calories and they are so refreshing when I'm sweating like mad getting my tan on! I've also found that laying out is the perfect time to read, I'm almost done with Desperation by Stephen King and I'm also finishing up Visioneering. Great, great book!

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