Tuesday, May 24, 2011


1. Me at the beach (a few leftover beach pictures from my phone!)
2. My sis, D, being silly with the Elvis cut out
3. U2 album coasters - I got them for Beej!
4. New anklet

1. Tan!
2. Foot jewelry
3. Greek food from Johnny's Gyro's - SO good!
4. D goofing off at the souvenir store!

1. Mom and D on the dolphin tour boat
2. View from the boat
3. Me and C on the dolphin tour boat

1. Mom at breakfast on her birthday!
2. C, the morning we left
3. Patio and beach
4. My cute new dress from Target. Love.

1. Meet Ms. Gemima
2. She's our new baby - not home yet but so adorable!
3. Gemima and her brother

1. Gemima
2. Gemima again (she's just too cute not to take pictures of!)
3. Cat world - just some of the momma's and babies

1.,2.,3. - Gemima!

1. Bug showing off her new anklet I got her at the beach
2. Lunch date at McD's
3. See Bug's huge bruise on her forehead there?!
4. Bug's lunch - fruit salad at The Brewhouse

1. My silly (and super hot!) hubby showing me his 70's look!
2. Oatmeal and fresh strawberries for breakfast - yummo
3. My cartoon watcher
4. She's so creative!

I've been kinda behind on my photo posts so there ya go! Click the photo to see it larger.....

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