Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I'm just going to be perfecting honestly. I am bored and tired of trying to "eat right". I'm not bored or tired of working out - I love that, it's fun but eating right is getting the best of me. I'm tired thinking about it and watching what goes in my mouth. Or if I'm not watching then I feel guilty and bloated and yuck. I'm tired of not being able to stick with eating right for a long period of time before I just give up and eat whatever I want and gain back the few pounds I managed to lose while eating right. For awhile the myfitnesspal.com app was really helping me keep track of my calorie intake but again I'm just tired of looking at the calorie count, trying to figure out even if the calories are ok if it's something I should really be eating or not. Plus I'm pretty sure my body has gotten used to this routine now and doesn't respond much even when I'm eating right. I really need a boost, something different and something I really don't have to put a lot of thought into. So I'm thinking that once I get back from the beach (I'm in like 9 days!) then I may try one of these "shake diets" - they super cheap but if I'm replacing most of the food I would normally buy for myself to eat right then maybe it'll all balance out in the end. I would do something simple like SlimFast but I think I need something a little more filling and with a lot more nutrients. So I'm thinking about either trying Shakeology which is by Beachbody and since I love Beachbody products I'm thinking they are the better bet but I'm also considering a new shake program called Visalus. I know someone that uses and sales it and so does my hubby. The cost per month is about the same (I think, gotta do a little more research). They both are about replacing two meals a day with a nutrient packed shake and then eating a healthy dinner. I would, probably at some point, add a small snack in between shakes because working out you have to keep your body fueled and I don't want to zap what metabolism I do have going.

On a lighter note - we got our iPhones yesterday and activating them wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. We were able to keep our old phone numbers which was nice. I've got to go through and add all my contacts. Already set up my FB, Instagram and myfitnesspal app's. I'm just dying for our cases to get here because I'm scared to take it anywhere without one! The only thing it doesn't have that my iPod Touch had is the reversible camera - you just hit a button and you could go from taking a picture of something in front of you to taking a picture of yourself without having to turn your phone around. Because we got the iPhone 3 it doesn't have that.....but still I'm pretty darn happy with having an iPhone now!

And our pool is finally pretty much in order. My head is spinning with all the instructions and everything we have to keep up with to keep it chemically balanced and swimmable. I'm used to my dad doing all that and we just enjoyed swimming in it! Of course the first day it's pretty much ready to swim in we have overcast skies and rain.....boo. I just hope we get a few good hot and sunny days before I head to the beach, I'd like to get a little pre-tan before we go!

We are doing a yardsale on Saturday. It's the first one I'll ever be heading up on my own! My sis and hubby are going to help me but I usually just help mom out and put my stuff in the "pile". But we're trying to clean out and get some money together for the beach too. I'm hoping it's pretty and that people come out in full force ready to buy stuff!

My family finally has power again after all the horrible tornadoes that ripped through AL. Huntsville was greatly affected - thousands of homes and businesses without power. People couldn't even get gas! So my family spent the weekend with us up here. My dad, grandfather and brother went back yesterday and my mom and little brother are heading back today. Thankfully their home didn't experience a lot of damage but it was very close........


  1. Yeah... :( I feel the same way about eating. It's very frustrating. I can't just "eat healthy in moderation" it seems. I'm always super-dieting or super-gross it seems. Blah! Plus, I really only need to lose about 7-10 lbs. My friend lost a lot of weight using slim quick, but diet pills make me nervous. I'm also super intrigued about Pure Barre workouts, but I can't afford it.

  2. I adore the Beach Body work out programs - I've done P90X, Insanity and now Turbo Fire. I am not a fan of diet pills either. I've lost 30lbs through diet and hard work and I only have ten pounds left to go but I just can't get it off. I start getting it off but about 3lbs into it I'm back up. It's so frustrating, hoping I can find a solution soon!

  3. It's really hard to watch what you eat. :( Takes a lot of willpower that I don't really have. Oh well. I wish that I liked to work out. Blah.

    I'm glad you're fam got power back, and I'm happy they were all safe. My parents just recently got power back in Madison.