Saturday, August 27, 2011

What We've Done

Friday we went up to Lake Lure and spent some time at the park up their while Beej and his buddy played some basketball. It was hot but we had fun and got some exercise in!

We took some pictures in the bathroom just for the fun of it!
We've eaten yummy, low calories snacks like sugar free jello with Cool Whip - 35 calories!

We've played Wonder Woman because we're cool like that!

We've taken naps in uncomfortable places!

We had a new shed built in one day!

We've done lots and lots of walking in these new shoes because I'm obsessed with
my Fit Bit and getting as many steps in as I can!!!

So that's been our weekend so far.....what have you done?


  1. Hey, did you make your own Nikes?!? :)

  2. Make them? No, I just found these while browsing Nikes on

  3. Haha, now that I said that it sounded weird...I meant did you do that thing where you design your own on Nike id. But I like them.

  4. Oh no, I didn't even know about that! I'll have to give that a try next time. I like these, they are very light weight but they don't seem to have as much cushion in them as I usually like for high impact work outs.