Thursday, August 18, 2011


If you missed my post earlier this morning you can go back and read it HERE. My day didn't start off well or as planned. But I'm happy to say it got much better. My sis ended up being able to pick me and Gi up after we dropped off the Jeep. We ran by a new consignment shop, I had some stuff I wanted to sell. They ended up only taking a few items and gave me practically nothing but that's ok since I was getting rid of it anyway. It did buy lunch so that was nice! Gi got to play at McD's for awhile while my sis and I chit chatted. We browsed a few more stores and I picked up another job application.

After that my sis dropped me off for Gi's preschool orientation. That went well and it's really starting to sink in that's she going to be gone 5 days a week from 7:30am to 2pm! They talked about lunch menus and their nap/rest time (which Gianna wasn't thrilled about when I told her but she said to pack her pajamas! Lol!). I had to fill out tons of paperwork and I still have to take her in for a physical which she will hate.

Oh and did I mention my new glasses finally came?!!! I'm thrilled with them, they are super cute, super nerdy and so much better then my old glasses. And that totally made my day even better!

And that's about it....our Jeep has new tires, expensive ones (*sigh8). Next week I have to go get my license renewed. It seems money goes way quicker then you make it. But such is life.


  1. My glasses are very similar, even turtle shelled and we also drive a Jeep, haha. I don't think I could ever drive anything else other than a Jeep.

  2. I got these at for like $17! I was so excited! And I love them. I haven't had new glasses in like four years. And yes, we love our Jeep Wrangler BUT we would love to have more room and better gas mileage. But the Jeep is paid for so we can't complain too much!