Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday stuff

(Warning. I take way too many pictures of cats. I love cats and my mother in law has a butt load of
them and when I'm at her house I get bored and take WAY too many photos!)

We've spent the past two days over at my mother in law's "helping" her and her friend out
while she's recovering from foot surgery. This little cutie above is one of my new favorites over
at her house. I even let him have my favorite pet name - Gershwin. I know, I'm nice.
Look how he was sleeping on the bed?!!! Love it!

Gianna loves her Grandma's new walker, it rolls and has a seat and Gianna gets to ride on it!
The kitty in the middle? He's my other favorite, I named him CoalMiner! He's adorable.
And there's Gianna again, looking cute.

SlimFast is my go to meal when I'm on the go....I've drank several in the past two days!
Also, anyone know a guy that wears a size 13 and would like to have a pair of red Toms
that have been worn like twice at most?! If so let me know. I'm selling my hubby's - $25 including shipping. I do Paypal!
Gianna puts her baby in her stroller and gets her diaper bag and put it on the couch and
they "drive" to the beach. Super great imagination.
I want to get her a Bitty Baby - I had one growing up and loved it and Gianna only has
her one doll and she's really getting into dolls lately. So I went to the website and
who-wee! They are pricey! I think it'll wait till Christmas now.....

That's Gemima taking a picture of herself on my web cam! Ha. She was sitting next to me this
morning and I turned my computer around and snapped that!
Me and CoalMiner.
Gianna in her adorable (kinda too big) hippie dress my mom got her from Maine.

Gi loves our fur babies....

She did so good with her veggies at dinner tonight. Oh and that white blob? It's my new favorite.....
I've been using Light Ranch because it's lower calorie and I'll be honest I'm not a huge
fan of veggies so I have to have something to eat them with even if it's just a little
something. Today I realized that if I got the ranch dip packets and made it
with fat free sour cream I could have 2 tablespoons for like 30 calories vs. 2 Tablespoons
of Light Ranch for 80 calories. Score! And it's yummier.
I also discovered that if I make my protein shake with almond milk instead of regular
1% milk it shaves off 50 calories and tastes exactly the same!

Other then that this week has been uneventful so far!
I'm looking forward to Friday evening - the Hubs and I are going out to Bonefish Grille
to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. Yuppers. I'm excited.


  1. i've been meaning to tell you - try laughing cow lite cheese wedges... or weight watchers cheese wedges. they're about 35 calories and you get a pretty decent amount of spreadable cheese. there's lots of flavors so if you're like me and love mayo, you won't need it because the cheese is flavored spreads really well like mayo or mustard or something.

    and yes! good idea about the powdered ranch mix! i'm totally going to do this!

  2. Yeah I do need to try to Laughing Cow cheese. I've heard it's great. I tried the mini Babybel cheese and GAG! Yuck. Luckily I'm not a fan of mayo and I love mustard which is practically calorie-less! the only thing I like mayo in is tuna but even then just a small bit is good!

  3. Aw Gianna is such a cutie with the princess dress, reminds me of my sister when little, I'm actually not a cat person but these Kitties are adorable!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries