Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My "If Money Was No Concern" B-day List!

An hour long hot stone massage.....ahhhhh!!!!

Fit Bit - this little piece of magic helps keep up with the calories your burn every day,
not just when working out but all day. And helps you keep track of your food intake, etc.

A hair cut - my ends are AWFUL! When I'm growing it out I hate getting it even trimmed
because it seems to take off so much length!

A fancy smancy camera! I actually wouldn't mind a Canon or a Nikon. I'm not a photographer
and never will be but I love how crystal clear the pictures turn out when you use one
of these bad boys!

A shopping spree at Charlotte Russe. I go in there and totally drool over everything!
I love their whole flirty bohemian look.

Chocolate Butterfinger cup cakes. I'll probably get these because I'm planning to make
myself cupcakes on my birthday! Lol! And what would make them better then sprinkling
crushed Butterfinger on top?!!!

My birthday is now 13 days away.
So close to 25. Yikes.

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