Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have said before that I never planned to be a mother. I had always planned to be married and be a wife but not a mother. I didn't think I had what it took to be a mom. It was too much responsibility - I mean, being solely responsible (in a lot of ways) for how a person turns out in life? Goodness.
I'm not an overly sappy mom in a lot of ways. But inside I am! I love my daughter beyond words. Beyond anything I thought I was capable off. I know how much I love my husband but loving my daughter is different. Not better or more just different.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for my daughter. I want her to have the best of everything. Most of all I want her to remember her life at home as a happy time. To remember that we laughed, we enjoyed each other and we lived life to the fullest that we could.

I see children who don't have a stable home, whose parents are yelling at them or jerking them around the store, or people who abandon their children or leave them to someone else's care and it just breaks my heart. I can't imagine not loving your child. It's beyond me.

Don't get me wrong, people who choose to give up their children for adoption because they know that it's the best thing for them I admire them so much - because they obviously love their child in a completely unselfish way, in a way that hopefully will benefit the child (and the parents receiving the child) far more in the long run. Those people I admire.

My daughter and my husband mean the world to me.
When I look at them my heart swells with pride.
I only wish each person and each child could experience the true sincere
love of a spouse and a parent like the love I have for my husband and daughter.

I have been so encouraged and inspired by so many of the wonderful blog
ladies I follow because I get to see each day, in different ways, the overwhelming
love they have for the children, their husbands, their families, their lives.
It makes me love mine all the more!


  1. WHAT sweet words. :) I love your honesty. I heart just breaks for all the children out there that do not have love from their family or a stable home. Seems like there is a news story every day about an abused child...makes me so sad.

  2. in reply to your comment on my blog..

    i think i came off the wrong way in that post to i added some stuff in the bottom. But from what you said... I LIKE YOU EVEN MORE!!

    i am all about healthy habits. let yourself eat junk, just make sure you are working out :) i am actually going to be doing a blog post soon on how i hate and dont agree with "diets". The diets that constrict and control you. anyway yea :) i really loved what you said :)

  3. oh ps... you need a blog button so i can steal it :)

  4. Well, thank you, Christa, I hope I didn't come off wrong in my comment. I totally understood what you were saying in your post. I just hate to see when people restrict their kids to healthy eating SO much that they can't enjoy anything "fun". So I'm trying to find a balance with my child. And I have a blog button but I'm not sure how to put it up or put a link with it or whatever! I'm totally html stupid!

  5. no you didnt come off the wrong way. but even if you did everyone is entittled to their opinion and im not going to get mad over silly things haha.

    well dude im making you a button then ;)
    seriously though. later tonight though when i get home

    holler! lol