Saturday, August 20, 2011


1. & 2. - Heading out to run errands. Bug looks more put together then I do!

1. All of Gi's shoes she's outgrown, ready for the consignment sale.
2. All the clothes for the consignment sale
3. Work out time!
4. Gemima fell asleep on my arm, so sweet!

1. Deer took over my yard the other day - four adults and two fawns! Adorable.
2. I'm obsessed with Sphynx's or hairless cats. I'm going to own one some day.
3. I'm DYING to be a red head, next summer can't get here soon enough!
4. Comfort food = Ramen noodles.

1-3. - Taking a break from swimming at my hubby's company bar-b-que

1. Daddy's girl
2. Gianna's adorable owl back pack for school
3. Riding in Aunt Char-char's convertible!
4. Sharin' skittles

1. I'm obsessed with my new glasses!
2. Banana phone
3. Just chillin'
4. Fur babies

1. I made french toast for breakfast this morning. Yummy~
2. Early morning
3. Big bug

1. Monkey
2. "Cooking" for us
3. iPhoning
4. Guy Fieri in the morning....

1. Cute, freshly painted toenails
2. Going to lunch
3. His eyes match my walls - ORANGE!

1. Putting air in her bike tires
2. Bike ridin' at the park
3. Entertaining ourselves with weird people on Youtube
4. Lil Golfer - gotta love that outfit, she dressed herself!

Happy weekend, peeps!


  1. ok, your cat.... feel free to ship her off to my house! her face looks so squishy and cute! my fat cat will love her! (its a her right?)

  2. The tabby is a girl, Gemima and the gray one is a boy, Gandalf. My mother in law owns a cattery and sells these Himalayan's. You can see her cats at What kind of cat do you have?

  3. Lol! I wish....actually I'm currently growing my hair out. I've spent years coloring it almost black so now I'm letting it all grow out to my natural then going red from there. Right now it would take a lot of bleaching, coloring, re coloring, toning, etc. to get it the right color and after all that it fades faster. My hair holds red better if I go up from my natural. So it'll probably be next summer before I go red!