Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My 25th Birthday....

My 25th birthday was actually really great! I tried not to have any pre-concieved ideas of how it should go and it was fun and relaxing. Yesterday morning I got up and did a few things around the house and got ready and I wore my favorite striped Toms. Then my dad, so thoughtful and sweet, had flowers delivered to me! Seriously, how sweet was that?! Made my morning, it was totally unexpected.

My sis came over and we went and got a quick lunch and did a little "window" shopping. That dress at Old Navy was so cute! And Gianna loves the Old Navy puppy. She cried when we couldn't find him at first but we discovered him hiding in dressing rooms.

After that we went to get a cinnamon roll - there was a Cinnabon stand inside a Schlotzschy's Deli so we got one. OMG. So yummy! Bug and I split one and by the end she didn't even want the last bite that's how rich it was. I also thought the bathroom signs were hilarious! Shapely Bunz for the women and Manly Bunz for the men. How funny!

Beej brought home party hats and balloons mainly for Gianna's sake. She couldn't understand how I could possibly let my birthday "party" pass without hats! So cute! Then we went out to Chili's for dinner. I had originally wanted Mexican but we don't have really good mexican close and we didn't want to drive out of town after Beej got home from work so we went to Chili's and had their chips and salsa which I love and I got fajita', so good.

The Hubs bought me a red velvet cake so we had that after we got home from dinner. It was quite delicious!

Today I got all my gifts! My mom's package to me arrived this morning and I got my homemade peanut butter granola. I admit I've eaten way too much of it today but since I can't have any starting tomorrow I figured I needed to eat what I could! Lol! Here's the strange thing - she ordered my new shoes and a work out bra and shorts online and had it shipped to me. When I opened the package I noticed it looked like it had been opened and re-taped shut. Inside I found my shoes, the bra, the shorts AND a Proactive advertisement and this DeWalt Metal Grinder wheel. Yup. No idea how it got there or why! It was obviously used, kinda chipped and old looking. I'm still trying to figure out why someone would bother opening a package, not take anything out but instead add an old metal grinding wheel! Lol! I sent my mom pics and she's contacting the company but it made for a super interesting package!

So I love my kickin' new shoes - can't wait to work out in them tomorrow. They came with hot pink shoe strings too and I think I may change them out, not sure I like the white ones or not.

Then the hubby came home with my gift from him and Gi - I honestly had no idea what he was getting me especially since yesterday he said, "I hope you like it cause I kinda went out on a limb..." So I'll admit I was a little nervous. He's never gotten me something I didn't like but I wasn't sure.

Then I opened it and HOLY COW, it was my Fit Bit!!! I've been wanting one for quite awhile now ever since some friends of ours told us all about theirs and how much they love them. I really thought it would be helpful with trying to lose the weight I still need to lose. If you aren't familiar with what a Fit Bit is go HERE and read about it. They are amazing and I can't wait to get mine opened up and start figuring it out!

So I got EVERYTHING I asked for and I couldn't be happier! 25 is going to be a good year!


  1. are you wearing toms in that first pic of you?!

  2. Yeah, those are my striped Toms - I have the gold and black Glitters, I have the striped pair and a red pair.

  3. WHat a great birthday!! :)

    & how weird about that package...that is seriously strange.