Sunday, August 14, 2011 be brave.

I'm not a naturally brave person. I'm just saying. I don't do anything out of the ordinary really. I'm not a fan of heights or roller coasters or anything that puts me way out in water or goes to fast or puts me alone or in the dark somewhere.
I'm not brave emotionally either - I like for things to be "sure" before I step into them. I don't like the unknown, I don't like changes unless I know for sure they will work out 100%.
And if you haven't figured it out yet that's not generally how life works. People who have made something of themselves or done something a lot of people admire are people who were brave enough to step out of their comfort zones, away from the security of where they were at and be something bigger and better. Something that makes them happy!

I tend to be a person who is fine with where I'm at because at least I know where I'm at.
Does that make sense? Of course I want better and I want more for my family and myself but if we stay right where we're at then we know what we can and can't do and it's a "sure" thing.

I wish I was braver and more adventuresome. I wish that I was willing to take risks and hope for the best. I wish I could take a leap a faith and know all would work out in some way or another.

I am the kind of person to see all the cons before any of the pros and most of the time I'll probably let the cons out way the pros. I'm envious of people who just go for what they want and work things out as they come their way. I'm also jealous of the way most of these people seem to have a relaxed and happy attitude about it all too. We tend to be a little uptight and on edge a lot and I don't want us to be that way but it's easier said then done.

My husband has dreams and aspirations that are just going to take huge leaps of faith on our part to see them happen. My heart says let's do it - my mind says "are you crazy?!!!" But then again part of me is ready for something different, ready to take a leap of faith and work things out as they go. I don't want us to become old living with regrets or that feeling of wishing we had done something that we never did.
There are things I want to see happen for our family that seem ridiculous right now......
they even seem like a step in the "wrong" direction, it would take us a step back financially, it would put even more responsibility and stress on us yet my heart knows it's right.
I have spent the past month trying to talk my out of it, constantly listing the cons in my head hoping to convince my heart as well.

But when it comes to family and marriage it takes two (or three, or four.....however big your family is) to make things happen. You can't do them on your own. I hope and pray that I'm the kind of wife and mother who is brave and can take baby steps or giant leaps with my husband and with my family knowing that it will only expand our happiness and love.
I want Gianna to grow up knowing that her parents love what they do and where they are at in life whether it seems big or small to others.

I think the tendency is to think that unless you are doing what you love AND making loads of money then you can't be truly happy.
But I would rather think that even if there wasn't loads of money that if we were doing what we loved and raising the family God has given us then we would be happy!
I'm just praying that I'm brave enough to leap out and take hold of happiness......

What makes you brave? what leaps of faith have you've taken to reach true happiness?

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