Monday, August 8, 2011

The next "phase".....

For the past few years, ever since Gianna was born, our lives have rambled on fairly unchanging. We've moved houses but that's about it. My hubby took a leap of faith a year or so ago and spent about 6 months on the road with a band he was apart of. But even those things didn't really effect me alot. My "job" has remained the same - keep the house as picked up and clean as I can, run errands when needed, the kiddo fed and happy and hopefully teach her some useful life lessons and be a good wife. All the true responsibility hangs heavily on my husband shoulders. I've been waiting for the day that I'd be able to help him carry the load financially for our house hold. It seemed so far away when Gianna was born and even two year ago when she turned two. Pre-school. The elusive event in the future when I'd hopefully be able to return to an actual paying job. I was a licensed Cosmetologist and worked for two years in salons (one as a receptionist and one as a stylist.) before we moved back to NC from AL and had Gianna.
Honestly, where we live right now is NOT the place to be a stylist. Seriously, everybody and their grandmomma and momma is a hair stylist. They all have little salons in their houses and sheds and everywhere. It's very hard to build a clientele and I don't think I'm ready to jump back into that. Hopefully one day if we move to a large town/city I can possibly pick that back up. I can't say it's a passion but I did enjoy it.

We are still waiting to hear whether or not Gianna was accepted into the pre-school program. We were told originally we had to pay now ($200 a month). Now I'm being told the fee is being waved BUT the selection of who gets to go has been reigned in tighter and only children in a certain income based home will be selected. I'm not sure if we fall in that category or not yet. They said they are still going through applications and we continue to wait. But I did find out that preschool doesn't start until Sept. 1st and I thought it started Aug. 25th like the rest of the schools. So we have a little time, and I mean, a little!

I put in an application today at a store where my sister works. I'm praying and begging God that I get the job. I like the store and shop there occasionally and it would be nice to know someone there since I haven't been at an actual job in FIVE years!
Plus I'm hoping that once Gi starts school between her time at school and the weekends when Beej is home I'd like to be able to get 25-30 hours in a week. From there I could help out
with our normal bills and stuff and also hopefully be able to start looking at the possibility of getting a another/"new" car. We've NEVER had a car payment, even a small one. So that would be new for me but I think I'm totally adult enough to finally have one! Lol! I seriously don't know how people do it when they have two cars and pay like $250-300 a month per car in car payments plus insurance on them. Sheesh.

But yeah, so it's starting to hit me that once Gi is in school and when I get a job our lives our going to change ALOT. I kinda freak about change but this time I feel more excited then freaked out. I'm a little nervous but I know it will work out. And I think we are ready for this next "phase" in life. ......I think.

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