Monday, August 8, 2011

From the camera's "eye"

1. we made a trip to Trader Joe's the other day. Gianna loved the apple juice samples!
2. Daddy coloring with Gi, Gemima wanted to join in too
3. & 4. All dressed up and ready to go see the Smurfs with her aunt.

Ready for our anniversary date. I was going to wear heels but decided to break out the Toms and be comfy instead!

Our date night at Bonefish Grill. It was amazing! And we had such a great time together.

1. Beej had the Rainbow Trout with Mango salsa and whipped potatoes
2. I had the Atlantic Salmon with Lemon Butter sauce and whipped potatoes. (I think I may be drooling as I look at that picture, it was SO yummy!)

1. Bug at the movies
2. I painted my nails while we watched Season of the Witch because I can't just sit there and do nothing while I watch a movie.
3. Gemima takes over Beej's pillow after he gets up.
4. Me. New FB profile pic

1. Hanging out at the in -laws. Beej spends his time showing his dad new music videos, various golf videos and funny stuff, thanks to Youtube.
2. I take random photos of myself!
3. Gianna entertains the cats!

I named this little chocolate beauty, Godiva! She was laying in my lap playing with toys!

1. Riding in the car to Grandma's
2. She said she was cold!
3. Pita chips and garlic hummus. YUM!
4. Gianna and her new baby, Rosey.

1. More random photos while hanging out at my in-laws.
2. Gi took this of me!
3. My face is funny.....
4. This poor kitty has a gimpy eye. Poor thing.

1. Sometimes she still wants to be a baby!
2. Spaghetti casserole someone made for my mother in law after her surgery.
3. My little helper buttering toast for dinner!

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