Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So it's my birthday, people. I'm 25. I'm ok with it. Lol! I think I struggled more with 24 but whatev. I'll do my best to rock 25......

No huge plans for the day. I have to run a few errands because well, like it or not, life doesn't stop just because it's my birthday. I still have to make my bed, feed the cats and Gianna, take some stuff into town, etc. I'm going to go with my sister while she has a procedure done sometime today and then after that, if she's feeling ok, we're going to try and find a Cinnabon and get a giant, oh-so-bad-for-you cinnamon roll! I'm hoping I get a few goodies in the mail from my mom aka my new shoes she ordered. But we'll see, I may not be here when the mail runs later this morning.

After that I think the hubs is going to either take me and Bug out to dinner or make dinner here at the house - not sure, we're planning it by ear since he works till 6 and by the time he gets home and showered it's pretty late.

Gianna woke up and told me Daddy had told her a secret and she couldn't tell me! Then she told me that the secret had to do with A LOT of balloons and then she said the secret was that it's my birthday and I'm not supposed to know! Silly girl. She also wanted to know if I had a special party dress for today, that girl is obsessed with dresses right now. If I try to make her wear shorts or pants she literally cries. Great.

So yeah, on this day 25 years ago at 4:44pm my mom had me via emergency c-section. I was her smallest baby at almost 8lbs. I led the way for another 4 babies after that! Lol!

I also share my birthday with Kobe Bryant, Rick Springfield and a guy name Jay I used to work with (I just found this out today thanks to Facebook!)

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