Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still Rockin' and Rollin'!

I'm still at it! And still going strong with my exercise and diet plan. I know, it's been less then a week but keeping up with this food plan can be exhausting! I can't go out alot because most of this food has to be cooked. But if I have to stay home more during the day for the next two months so that I'll be in a size 4 by the end of March it will be totally worth it!
I'm getting most of my water in, most days I get it all in but some days I'm lacking a glass! But it's miles ahead of where I was a week ago, when I barely drank a full glass of liquid a day. Overall I can say I feel more energized during the day but I'm tired by like 10pm! But my workout's burn approx. 1000 calories during a workout, I take a few more breaks so I'd say I burn at least 800! Lol! And I'm only eating about 1500-1700 a day. I've tried out a few new recipes for dinner the past night or two. Trying to make it tasty enough that Gianna and sometimes Beej will eat it! Last night was Chicken Meatball spaghetti. I've got to work that better where I don't use as many calories though because it went WAY over my calories yesterday! Tonight I made a "chinese" inspired Rice and Chicken bowl. Brown rice, chicken, fresh garlic, a little soy sauce, corn, peas and carrots. And it ended up being pretty yummy. Gianna picked the chicken and corn out of course! But even Beej liked it and ate a bowl! So I was pretty pleased! Not to mention it was very filling and actually a good bit of food for less then 400 calories! I'm going to try turkey burgers later this week.
Mixed it up a bit today and instead of my much loved egg wrap I had a protein bar and cottage cheese (Meal #2), I had bran flake cereal for breakfast minus the banana because I was out (it's amazing how many calories are taken out when you use skim milk instead of even 1%!), And lunch today I had a turkey pita with veggies and an orange, I still had my traditional half PB&J for Meal #4, I feel like I'm splurging a little with it and it's so yummy! But since I had cottage cheese earlier I substituted and had some low fat mozzarella string cheese! Overall it's been a good day!
Work out was great, kept up pretty well. Still having to an a occasional quick break here and there but I've found that now that I know what's expected or coming up I can push a little harder but there are some moves that just push me really hard and I just can't do them all but I work my butt off for sure!!! Lol!
Getting up early to do my Monday work out tomorrow because I'll be gone with Beej from about 6:30am til about 6pm on Monday and won't have time to get it in. I don't wanna skip it so I'm just changing up the days!

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