Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Resting and Measuring!

(Moe's Joey Bag on Donuts burrito on a whole grain tortilla with NO sour cream)
(Roast Beef pita)
(Chicken and rice bowl)
Yesterday was my rest day for the week. My normal rest day will be Sunday but this week I knew I'd be gone on Monday from 6am til 6pm and wouldn't be able to get it in so I did Monday's work out Sunday and rested yesterday and it was nice! Lol! I spent the day with my hubby at work. He drives a delivery truck for a bottled water company and I rode around Hendersonville, Asheville and Greer with him while he made his deliveries. It was actually pretty fun and relaxing. Just hanging out and talking - while he went in at different places I sat in the truck and read - finished up my book 'Servants of Twilight' by Dean Koontz and started 'Darkfall' by Koontz. There was one delivery I couldn't go to with him because it's a restricted, security area only he is cleared for so he dropped me off at the local Goodwill and I picked up some summer clothes for Gianna. I'm slowly trying to build up her summer clothes collection! I've found alot of cute skirts and found shirts to go with them, a couple of pairs of shoes and some pants that are more for now then later. She seems to have hit a growth spurt lately in the height department and all her pants are flooding and that's one of my biggest pet peeves!
While we were out we stopped for lunch at Moe's. I had never been but I knew that for the most part I could get everything in a burrito that I could eat - chicken, beans, lettuce, a little cheese and some rice. They make HUGE burrito's! I only ate about a 1/3 of it because I wasn't sure what the calories were for one of those huge things! I sent a text to Cha-Cha after the meal (should have done it before) and they said that the Joey Bag of Donuts burrito, which is what I had (see the yummy pic above minus the sour cream!) has 665 calories in it. So I had another 1/3 for dinner and Beej ate the rest! lol! I ate breakfast before I left (bran cereal and banana with skim milk and a little honey) and then packed a cooler with two "meals" with consisted of two different bars - one a nutrition bar I had with some cottage cheese and then another higher calorie protein bar and a low fat mozzerella string cheese. By the time I got home last night and ate dinner I was still way behind on my calories so I had a snack and called it a day at less then 1600 calories! Not bad!
The other night I made an absolutely delicious dinner - wheat pita filled with a little low fat cheese, some roast beef and then stuffed with lettuce, tomato and avaocado along with pickle and a few strawberries! It was SO good! I'm also posting a picture of the chicken and rice bowl I made the other night too, it was really yummy as well. Going to try my hand at turkey burgers sometime this week!
Took my measurements today - I'm going to take them every week although I don't really expect there to be huge differences each week I still want to keep up with them especially since the only judge I have to if I'm losing weight is measurements and how my clothes fit, I don't own a scale and that's probably a good thing! Overall I've lost about 4 inches all over my body and I'm fairly pleased with that! If I can just keep it up my waist will be what I want before you know it! I'm having a hard time changing the numbers around my hips though, hopefully that will come soon because they need to change and have plenty of room to change! Lol!

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