Sunday, January 31, 2010

Announcing....Rebel Photos!!!

So I'm very proud to announce that my sister has really taken to photography after many years of us pushing her to explore it, she was so good at it with a crappy camera we knew if she ever got a really good camera she's be unstoppable! And so she has become! She got a really nice, expensive camera for her birthday this year and the photographs she has taken already are amazing! She's not into super posy, traditional style photography which is so refreshing. I get so tired of the same ole pose here, pose there kinda stuff. And I'm not big into indoor studio stuff either. I've had Gianna's taken in a studio a few times and they are cute but they just don't have the same "feeling" as candid photo shoots do. I actually had some taken of Gianna for Valentine's Day in a home "studio" by someone and a few of them turned out cute but are really over posed and straight laced for me, so I'll probably post a few that I liked and just get rid of the rest. Gianna is so cute that there isn't a lot you can do to take away from that! But I just love the shots that my sister has taken of Gianna, very candid and she has captured of many of her cute, silly and "mean" faces and I love that! Because most of the time Gianna doesn't have a fake "cheese" plastered on her face, nor is she just sitting still with her hands folded in her lap! Lol! I like to try and have someone capture who she is everyday!
So check out my sister's stuff, she's just getting started but I have a feeling in a few years she's really have taken off - check her out at . Believe you me, she is the BEST around here and you won't find better! She is still setting "prices" and doing a lot just for the experience so now is a great time to catch her!

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