Monday, January 11, 2010

Projects and My Life...

My newest challenge!!! I completed 2 complete rounds of P90X and I'm beyond proud of myself for sticking to working out 5-6 times a week for 6 months now! But I need something new and a bit harder of a challenge so this is it! Intense cardio! I plan to lose another 15lbs and hopefully be in a size 4 in two months!!! Woohoo! Yay for goals!

My recent thrift store finds! I got the candle holder for $1 and I plan to paint it to cover the chips and cracks it has. But I just loved it! The picture above it I got for $2! And it's a big picture! I'm going to paint the frame black and hang it in our room. I see a laundry basket in there so maybe it'll remind me to keep up with the laundry better!!! Haha!
I bought this today so that I can hopefully keep up with how much water I'm drinking because I know I'm not getting in every day what I should. This holds 8 glasses of water, I have been through like half of it this afternoon and evening and gosh, I've had to pee so many times! I remember why I hate to drink now!
So Craig Horner is my newest celebrity crush! Lol! Actually I've been watching his show "Legend of The Seeker" off and on for awhile but I always forget how much fun he is to watch and look at! Haha! The show isn't the greatest, a little cheesy at points, but man, he totally makes up for that with his killer good looks!!!

Gianna seems to have had a relapse when it comes to potty training. It was like she totally had it down for like a month now. Telling me when she had to go when we were out and about and going by herself at home. I thought all we had left was to get her night trained but the past two days she's been peeing all over herself and today she actually went #2 in her pants! I was shocked and pissed to say the least. I have NO idea how to get this child potty trained completely. She's almost 3 for Christ's sake......

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