Friday, January 22, 2010

Falling Behind....

So I've fallen behind on keeping up with my food blog for the week. I haven't cheated, not once! That's not why I haven't blogged. Honestly I've just been kinda busy and lazy about taking and posting the pics. Plus, I've been eating about the same stuff as I've posted before with a few exceptions here and there. I went out to dinner last night with my bestie, and I did well again. I got a small 6 oz. sirloin, and sides of broccoli and plain baked potato again. I didn't eat much of the broccoli because it was in a butter sauce and I'm not supposed to have butter. I only at part of the baked potato, it's amazing how yummy a plain potato can be and the steak was really tender and juicy. It's amazing though how easy it is to fall into an old habit. The other night when we were out to eat I found myself several times reaching for a fry off Gi's plate and today she got a happy meal and I found myself going to grab a fry or two out of her bag. Had to stop myself short. It wasn't that I was even hungry or really even wanted it, it was just a habit to do it.
I'm trying a new recipe tonight for dinner, I'm making chicken meatballs! I hope they turn out yummy. Serving it with marinara sauce and whole wheat pasta and sauteed green beans. I hate green beans so that's going to be hard for me but I'm hoping that sautee'ing them in a little olive oil and garlic will help me like them better. But we'll see....tomorrow night I'm going to try a Brown Rice bowl - brown rice, chicken, peas and carrots. A little low sodium soy sauce just for taste and it will be scrumptous! I'm planning to pick of a few items I don't have at home to help change some meals up next week. I usually buy enough stuff for the week and I just make sure I have enough stuff to make certain meals for the week. I'm not one of those that has to eat something different every day. I can eat the same thing for breakfast for a week and as long as it's something I like I'm fine with it!
My work out was hard today....yesterday we did a recovery workout. Alot of stretching, but difficult stretching! And then lots of slow lunges, squats and dips! I was sweating like crazy! So today I knew they would really pump it up for us and I was right! Today was pure cardio, non stop running, jumping, squatting, lunging and push ups! Whew! I have NEVER sweated so much, it was like a waterfall down my face! But I struggled to do some of the moves today, it was like I just couldn't summon the strength to actually do them! But I did my best....I'm having some issues with the arches in my feet though. Even with good, new shoes I'm still getting pain in them. I'm thinking I might need to go get some sort of gel insoles for my shoes to see if that helps.
Well, that wraps up today pretty much! I'll try and post pics of dinner, if it turns out good! Lol! Dinner is the only time I like a little change and I'm in the mood for spaghetti so I'm hoping this even healthier version will be good!!!

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