Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Taking It One Step At A Time.

Meal #1 - 1 pack original flavor oatmeal 100 cals., 1/2 mixed berries 40 cals., 2 tsp. 30 cals., 1/8 cup 1% milk 30 cals. = 200 cals.
Meal # 2 - Orange 65 cals., 1 whole wheat flatbread 90 cals., mustard 5 cals., 2 eggs 96 cals. = 256 cals.
Meal # 3- 2 cups mixed greens 20 cals., 1 Tbsp. Olive oil & vinegar 60 cals., 3 oz. broiled chicken 130 cals., 1/2 green apple 40 cals., 1/2 Tbsp. almonds 30 cals. = 280 cals. of the BEST salad you'll ever eat!!!
Meal #4 - 4 oz. charbroiled chicken approx. 175 cals., 1/4 green beans 65 cals., 1/3 med. baked potato (NO toppings) 60 cals. = 300 cals.
Meal #5 - 1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt 70 cals., 1/8 cup Grape Nuts cereal 50 cals., 1/2 banana 55 cals. = 175 cals.

Recovery Drink - 4 oz. Grape juice (no sugar added) 80 cals. & 1/2 scoop protein powder 50 cals. = 130 cals.

Total : 1341

Today was my first time eating out since I've been on my diet plan. It was interesting for sure! The place we went to wasn't super health conscience! Lol! I ended up ordering a charbroiled chicken breast (although I'm sure it was cooked in butter....shoot.) and green beans (also buttered and baconed, lol!) and a plain baked potato. I asked the waitress for a to-go box right away and went ahead and put away most of the food I wouldn't eat. I ate half the chicken, only about 1/4 c. of the beans and a third of the potato with only salt and pepper. Took the rest home...oh and ordered water! So I was successful! Going out tomorrow night and I plan to do just as well! Didn't put the protein powder into my oatmeal this morning and it was so much better! I'm going to have to up my calories a bit, I'm watching it too much. I shouldn't be under 1500, I need to be closer to 1700 but it's alot of food to eat when you are eating this way! The work out went great - I was huffing and puffing through it, again, did about 80 % and I keep pushing to be better. But it's only my 3rd day so I'm not being too hard on myself. But I find that I'm SO tired by like 9pm now! Ready for bed....another day tomorrow!!! This keeping track of food and eating right wears me out! Lol!

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  1. going out to eat is soooo hard isn't it!? good job girl!