Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's In My Bag?

I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to do a "What's In My Bag?" post. I've seen a few of the other bloggers I follow do it but it was awhile back. But when I logged into blogger this morning I saw that another blog I follow was doing the same thing and then later today yet another blogger posted hers! So it seems it was meant to be today.......This is my lovely bag. Well, currently. I change my bag up quite often depending on what I'm wearing. But I picked this up at Claire's for $4.50 and I like it because it's smaller and has a longer strap so I can sling it over my neck and go. It's also nice when I go downtown or something and I don't want to carry my big purse around so I can throw a few things in here and go.

Let me tell you though - my bag doesn't not normally look this clean and neat. I recently went through a cleaning out and organizing "spree" and cleaned out my closet, my drawers, my shoes, my purses, everything. I am doing my best to keep things neat and clean now. *crossing my fingers!*

1. Sunglasses - I bought these recently and I love them! Slightly aviator but a little more sturdy.

2. Wallet - I love my wallet. My mother bought it for my 23rd birthday but sadly it's about on it's last leg. It's totally falling apart. You can even see a piece of it hanging off the bottom there!

3. A handful of pennies and nickels - Gianna and Beej have been saving pennies in her piggy bank for over a year now. It's kinda their "thing". Recently she got this huge Hershey Syrup bottle bank and they started saving nickels in it. So her Grandmother handed over her collection of pennies and nickels for her the other day!

4. My keys - I just realized how many of those little store "card/tag" things I have!

5. Phone - I think I need a new one, this one cuts off randomly these days and won't hold a charge for very long.

6. iPod Touch - LOVE this thing! It's amazing and has everything on it - music, calendar, internet, calorie counter, books, etc.

7. Sugar free gum - it's must especially when I'm eating right because I need something "sweet" occasionally and this helps me so much.

8. Burt's Bees Mango chapstick

9. Pen/Pencil - Always need a pen and I think Bug put the pencil in there! It's not even sharpened!

10. Bows - Bug is constantly removing her hair bows so I collect them and throw them in my purse so that they make it home. I can't tell you how many hair accessories she's lost in her short four years!

So what's in your bag? I love seeing what's inside but even more I love seeing you bag/purse. I've already seen two today that I seriously want now. I love a new purse but I don't like expensive purses. What's the point? I think the most expensive purse I own cost $50 and that was a gift! I spent between $5 and $20 on mine most of the time. And I try to rotate them out a good bit. My hubby thinks I hold onto too many purses but he has no idea how many I actually get rid of....he'd be proud! Lol!

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