Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello, Party People!!!

1. the first five babies of the "season" over at my mother in law's cattery. only four days old. Aren't they freakin' adorable?! I am totally excited because we'll be choosing a new baby for our family out of one of the many litters. Most likely not this litter but the cat I want a baby from is due like tonight or tomorrow!
2. the tiniest baby
3. the biggest kitty - this big fellow was the last to be born and was stuck in the birth canal for almost three hours and was born "dead". My mother in law was able to revive it and now it's big, healthy and eating like a horse!

1. enjoying some early Easter goodies from one of my hubby's customers. He has some really sweet ones.....
2. enjoying some applesauce, it's weird sucking it out of bag but she loves it!
3. playing doctor this morning!
4. isn't she adorable?! I love her so.

1. fat kitty, Gandalf
2. me
3. my "set up" - I totally love it! iPod Touch and a Mac. I think I'm totally happy with that!

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