Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Rhyme or Reason

1. You probably already know this but I love working out - seriously! Yeah, I do have days where I feel like maybe I don't feel like it but once I get going I love it. And I LOVE the way I feel afterwards. That adrenaline rush, that feeling of accomplishment, that feeling of being exhausted because you know you put 110% into it! Yeah, it's amazing. And I honestly can't get over how fun Turbo Fire is, I sweat like a dog and I'm usually sore after the sculpting work outs where we use the resistance bands (yow wee!). But I feel so good doing it. And I seriously think I may need to get a few Zumba dvd's for the house. Not really to use on a daily basis or as my main work out but just for fun with Gianna. She would love it! The fun music, the high energy and just dancing around. I look so forward to Tuesday evenings now, getting with other ladies and just enjoying our work outs. It's really great!

2. The weather is great today - sunny but not too hot. But I am really ready for the hot weather to show up (I say that now....) mainly because I am ready to get the pool open and get some sun on me and Bug! I love laying out - I've never been to a tanning bed in my life and I doubt I'll ever go. Simply because I just love to soak up the sun! Laying out there, reading a good book, sipping on ice cold Crystal Lite (Lime Margarita is my new fave!) and indulging in shameful amounts of chilled watermelon! Oh my, my mouth is watering as we speak.....I think I'll go on a watermelon "diet" this summer - sun and watermelon! Haha!!!

3. Water For Elephants comes out as in Friday. Yessir. I'm debating wether I want to go that night or wait and see an early showing on like Sunday when it's less crowded. There is really only one movie I'll brave the masses for and that's the Twilight movies. And mainly because that's more of a "tradition" kinda thing. I saw the first Twilight with a "friend" (who is now an ex-friend! Lol!), I saw New Moon by myself and actually enjoyed going alone, I saw Eclipse with my hubby and a friend.....and with this next one, Breaking Dawn, I'm thinking about going it alone again. I like to just soak up the movie and not worry about what the other people with me are thinking. It's so much easier to get a good seat by yourself, you just squeeze in between odd little groups that don't want to touch each other! Lol! But yeah, back to Water For Elephants. I think it's going to be an amazing role for Robert Pattinson. He's brilliant and I've read the book and can totally see him as the character he's playing. But yes, I do plan to see it next weekend. It's a must.

4. We got our old couch moved out.....goodness, I didn't realize how crappy that thing was until we moved it out. And heavy, sheesh! I got a nice bruise on my bi-cep from it. But I'm proud to say my hubby didn't need anyone else to help him move it. This strong, 5 foot tall girl got in there with her muscles and did it! That's where working out comes in handy! But the "new" couch is fabulous, I said "new" because it's new to us but we got it from my sister and her hubby who simply just didn't want it anymore......thank you!!! I love it and it opens up our living room so much more.

5. Still waiting on "my" cat to have kittens over at my mother in law's cattery. It's funny because I've kinda pre decided which cat I wanted a kitten from based on past litters they've had but I know I'll probably end up getting one I thought I'd least be inclined to get. That's what happened when I picked out sweet Gypsy (can't believe he's already been gone two months. *sigh*). I had no intentions of getting a "white" cat, I wanted a chocolate but then just absolutely fell in love with him and couldn't help it. But the kittens have to be four months old before they can come to live with their new owners and so I want one that's been born before the 23rd of this month that way it can come home on my birthday in August!!!! I have names picked out already (sorry, not sharing just yet!) - I plan on getting a boy but just in case I have a girl named picked out too.....

6. It's time to go shorts shopping.....I officially own one pair of shorts! Lol! Yeah, I have 2 pair of work out shorts but I'm talking like nice shorts. I bought them last summer for like $8 at Plato's Closet. And I love them! I bought a couple of other pairs too but I have long ago had to get rid of them because they were too big (*smile*). But it's getting warm enough during the day now that I'm in the mood to wear shorts but I can't wear the same pair every day! I'll probably head back to Plato's Closet at some point because you just can't beat their deals.

7. I've got to get on fixing our pool deck before we get the pool open. It's just plain wood and I want to get it treated and painted before the summer. It's going to take some serious work but I think it will look so much nicer once it's done. The grass is already growing at a ridiculous rate. Beej has already cut it twice and by the next day it's already looking like it needs cutting again. We've been getting so much rain it's super thick, green and growing like, uh, weeds?! Once it gets really hot it'll slow down some and only need to be cut every two weeks or so. But Spring it has to be cut weekly almost.

8. Pet peeve: Lazy people who complain constantly about being tired. Really? You sleep till 10am, sit around all day watching movies, take a nap and then go to bed and do it all over again. Geez, no wonder you're tired. No, but for real, it's crazy! I mean, yeah, I get tired at night but that's after working out and running around all day. But I have noticed this - there are two different kinds of tired. The tired you get after working hard and the tired you get when you've done nothing. I much prefer the tired I get when I've worked hard!

9. I think my cell phone is pretty much shot. It won't hold a charge for long anymore and it just randomly shuts off for no reason. If it's jiggled or sat down the wrong way it just cuts off. It's almost time for our contract renewal but we are kinda torn on what to do......we've been with Verizon since I can remember and they do have the iPhones now but we aren't sure we want to jump into paying the extra for data packages. But it seems silly to buy cheap phones again.....Verizon has this thing with their phones where 1 year and 9 months after you buy your new phone (You have it for a two year contract) it goes on the fritz, leaving you with a crap phone for the next three months and desperate for a new one by the time your two year contract is up for renewal. Oh, they know what they are doing!

10. I'm in the mood for Cracker Barrel. Have been for awhile. But it sucks that we have to drive 45 minutes to get to any Cracker Barrel from here.....I've thought about just making some French Toast and bacon but it just wouldn't taste the same ya know. Oh, well. But I do love breakfast food! I'm pretty sure I could eat it three meals a day and it would be totally fine with me!!! Biscuits, French Toast, Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Cinnamon Rolls, know, all the stuff that is so not good for you! Lol! I'll keep it to my bran flakes and banana.

Um, so that's about it. Random and pointless but sometimes that's how my brain feels! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I can't believe it's over already. Goodness.


  1. Okay.. that's amazing how you love love working out! I wish I had that same mindset too... then I'd be so much healthier! What gives you the willpower to get yourself to work out? Please share xo

  2. Stephanie, I can tell you this August 2009 I finally decided I was tired of feeling miserable, hating shopping, hating going out in public and feel like crap about myself. Suddenly I realized I had the power to change who I was - I didn't have to be this miserable, sad, insecure person. It wasn't easy at first and I still struggle with the eating right part (let's not talk about the mini burgers or cheese fries I had at Chili's for dinner tonight!) but the key is that you keep trying. The working out thing just makes me feel good - I know I'm keeping my body is shape and healthy but I also feel so proud and accomplished when I'm done. It's honestly something I never thought I could do, now I am still amazed that since Aug. 2009 I have been working out 6 days a week pretty much every week! You've got to learn to crave that feeling of accomplishment when you are done!

  3. Ah thanks! What kind of workouts/cardio do you do??

  4. Currently I'm doing Turbo Fire, it's a Beach Body program ( I originally started with their program P90X and did two full rounds then moved on to Insanity and did three rounds (I think!) and now I'm doing Turbo Fire. I'm only 4 weeks into it so I can't say much about the overall results but so far it's been the most fun and the most energetic. It incorporates cardio and strength/resistance training! Love it!