Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picture Collages and other stuff.....

Finally got my pictures in order and in collages. I just think they are neater when they are in collages instead of just stacked on top of each! Lol!

My mom was in town this past weekend. We spent most of our time in my sister's kitchen re-decorating. Or at least starting the process. We repainted her cabinets and painted her walls. All that's left is the floor - it needs to be replaced. But we had some fun in between! The day she left we went up to Asheville and had lunch at Doc Chey's, one of our favorite places to eat!
1. Bug at the entrance of Doc Chey's
2. Bug eating lunch with her chopsticks - she loves those things!
3. Bug and her "Janou".
4. My sister and brother in law.

I did mention before that I got my Mac! I couldn't be happier as I'm typing away on it's lovely white keys!!! I'm so glad to have left the world of PC's behind. All the problems.....whew! Not to mention it's looks good too. I don't understand why people go spend the money they do on a PC when for the same amount or less you can get a better machine - one that you will have far less issues with!
1. Me (my hair is growing out slowly but surely!)
2. DIY French pedicure
3. My lovely Mac!
4. Me ( I scrunched my hair Sunday because it was a little rainy looks so short!)

1. Bug
2. Bug being silly!
3. Bug playing on my sister's keyboard. She played loud and made up so super cute songs about a princess named Maleah who walked in the woods! She is so creative!
4. Too cute! Note the same hair do in all the pictures - we're growing her bangs out and this is the only way I can keep them out of her eyes right now. So you'll be seeing this hair do ALOT!

1. She crawled in my bed the other morning and fell back asleep and slept another hour after I got up!
2. Eating nachos at Grandma's
3. Playing in Grandma's yard
4. Isn't she a doll? See that little dark line in the middle of her forehead? That's her birth mark! Now that I'm pulling her bangs back you can see it now.

1. Our favorite dinner - chicken and broccoli with brown rice! So yummy and so filling and SO healthy!
2. Our old couch
3. Our "new" couch! My sis just randomly decided to get rid of her couch and it's still in great shape so she passed it on to us! I'm thrilled - so glad to see ours go.....glad this one is smaller so it won't take up so much room in our living room. Plus it will match our "style" a little better too.

And side note : I'm watching Extreme Couponing as we speak and it's NUTS! Are these people serious? They are pretty much hoarders but neat about it. They have like hundreds of boxes of cereal and thousands of cans of soup and tons of paper towels....some thing obviously don't go bad so I guess I understand that but like cereal goes stale, meat goes bad, dairy stuff goes sour, etc. So why buy so much of it? I don't get it. I would love to learn how to utilize coupons but not that crazy! But it kinda confuses me a bit! Lol! I need some couponing would be great to cut our grocery bill down if I could do it. Maybe I should look into couponing, huh?! Lol!


  1. So much cuteness in one post! :)

    I LOVE your hair scrunched! SO cute.

  2. Aww! Adorable pictures, Bug is so cute! :)
    And I agree - MACs rule!!! :)



  3. Yay for your new MAC! aren't they just perfect, the more you use it the more you'll love it! Feel free to contact me on any question ok? ... thank you so much for your bday wishes for my little sister, she is so happy!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  4. aw, these photos are lovely. you have such a cute lil' fam! I joined the mac world this past Christmas...i love it and i will NEVER go back to the long as i can help it!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I also made the switch from PC to Mac not too long ago, and I agree, for the money, a Mac is such a better buy. I honestly haven't been more happy about any electronic purchase in my life.