Wednesday, April 27, 2011


1. Today, on my 20 minute drive home from my in-laws house, I randomly started thinking about jobs I think my hubby would be really great at and here's what I came up with.....
a. English teacher (he remembers all those little rules about
when you use certain words and spellings and all that!)
b. Professional organizer - I think he would do great organizing
people's house for a living!
c. A golf pro - he loves golf!
d. A music producer - he just hears stuff that no one else does
when it comes to music.
Who knows why I thought about that but I did so I thought I'd share it! Haha!

2. We finally got our phone order straightened out with AT&T. We ordered the phones last week so they should have been here by like Friday. But I realized the other day through an order tracking number that it said our order had been canceled. So I spent like an hour on the phone (and half of that on hold) trying to figure out what happened. They never could really tell me why it got canceled but they reprocessed it and hopefully we'll have our lovely iPhones by Monday. I'm going to order cases sometime this weekend, already have mine picked out!!!

3. I think someone tried to scam me on Craigslist yesterday/today. Ugh. It's been quite a process trying to get out of a deal where I'm not sure what was going on except that they wanted to pay me way more then I asked but then have me ship my iPod Touch to Nigeria which was going to cost me a small fortune even if they paid me more it still probably wouldn't cover it so I canceled it and sold it to my sister instead! Lol!

4. My diet is going well, since starting Monday I've lost about a pound, which isn't bad especially at the point that I'm at in my fitness. I actually kinda like the diet plan I'm on, I'm still watching my calories but it's amazing how many calories carb items take up. So when you don't them.....I had deli ham, cheese and boiled egg whites for lunch! Love it! I do eat veggies and fruits too. Dinner was steak, spinach salad and carrots. Lovely! Oh and I'm drinking 64 ounces of water a day! Woohoo! Water and absolutely nothing else, not even Crystal Lite.

5. Watched the premiere of The Voice last night and I loved it! SOOOOO much better then American Idol (which I hate and refuse to watch now!). The celebrity judges are great - Cee-Lo Green (all around genius!), Cristina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine (Cute!). And the whole idea is so fun! I really loved several of the contestants last night and can't wait to watch next Tuesday night.

6. My parents and brothers are coming to town this weekend to do a few things and celebrate my sister's birthday which is Friday. I'm excited to see them and also excited because we're going to be opening up the pool and getting it ready to use! Right now it looks like a swamp, we cover it during the winter so that nothing gets in it but during a storm a few weeks ago the water on top got so heavy it popped and fell in spilling all the leaves, dirt and junk from over the winter into the water. So now it's a huge mess. I'm just ready for some serious sunny days so I can lay out and get a little color before I head to the beach. I would go to a tanning bed but I've never gone and it seems a waste of money when I can lay out and get a real tan! I think most people who spend a lot of time at the tanning bed (not all!) look like over cooked bacon!

7. More kitties have been born over at my mother in law's cattery. So far the three cats that have had kittens have all had them on Tuesday's, each a week apart! The first cat had 5 and they are all the same color, I can't tell them apart at all! The second had four, one grey and 3 tabbies which all look exactly alike! And this last one had her babies last night - I was there for awhile, she had one and then couldn't get the next one out. They ended up rushing her to the vet and did a emergency c-section because the baby was stuck in the birth canal. She had two chocolates, one grey and one lilac/cream! There are at least four more momma's that are due to have kittens within the next month. The first ones have their eyes open and are starting to move around - pretty soon they'll be running around and be big enough for Gianna to play with and she can't wait!

8. I'm still loving Turbo Fire - it's amazing! So fun! I really haven't had a work out I didn't like. I sweat like mad and I love it! I'd love to get a spin bike at some point too just for extra cardio and something different. I'm also looking at getting a few Zumba dvd's - I think Gianna would get a kick out of doing some of the dancing. We usually turn on the dance music channel on the TV and clear the living room and just spend some time dancing around and being silly! She loves it and I do it - it's fun time with her and we're burning off energy! So I think some Zumba would be fun to do......

9. My hair is just not growing fast enough for me! I'm taking my hair, skin and nail vitamins but I just want it to be long already! I see all these cute hair do's - ponytails, buns, braids, curls, etc. and I'm dying to be able to do that! I tried using my hot roller's the other day and when I took them out it just made my hair look like a bad 70's bob! So for now it's just the straight look......

10. I'm totally over all this Royal Wedding stuff. Really. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love weddings and love and royalty and all that but seriously. But I will say Kate Middleton is B-E-A-utiful and she will be a stunning bride! But personally I think Prince Harry is WAY cuter then William! Lol! I think it's amusing they can't kiss at their ceremony because Westminster Abbey won't allow it, I am anxious to see her dress because that is so important and why are they getting married on a Friday? Guess they aren't holding with traditional Saturday weddings.

(Oh, and 11. (lol!) I think I need to go on the show Survivor, those people lose some serious weight!)

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