Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Stop-by's

So I wanted to share a few links with you to totally fabulous blogs or posts.......check them out!

I think Enjoying The Small Things is one of the most beautifully written blogs, period. Kelle has such a way with words and her two little girls, especially Ms. Nella, is an absolute delight! Stop by and check out this post about her "bag of tricks".

I also recently discovered Sometimes Sweet and my favorite posts are Tattoo Tuesday's where she show case different people with Uh-mazing tattoo's! I love some well done ink - absolutely. I think I need some new ink soon.....hmmmm.....

I really, really want to do this kinda post soon. I think it's very clever and fun. I just have to get all my photos together. Goodness.

The Anderson Crew just welcomed home their newest daughter, Ms. Elsa. I have been following them for awhile as they awaited her arrival all the way from Ethiopia. The joy and love this family has over their beautiful new addition is so heart warming!

This post was fun.....always the creative sort my sister posts the most interesting stuff. Seriously. Follow her blog, it's totally rad!

So yeah, take the time to stop by these blogs and these posts and enjoy them! Comment back and let me know if you liked them or if you decided to follow any of them.

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  1. I went to Hudson's Happenings and saw her photo post, and made my own. Since you introduced the idea, I thought I'd share with you!!