Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh so random.....

So along with growing out my hair, I've now decided to grow out my bangs too. Again. Yeah, I tried this one before and it drove me crazy and I ended cutting them off again. But now that it's starting to get warm my bangs are already starting to drive me nuts. They get stuck to my forehead and that annoys me. So I'm trying to grow them out so that I can at least style them off my forehead. I started today parting them and drying them a little differently, can't say I love it but I think it's supposed I'll get used to and end up liking especially once it get super hot and I'm spending lots of time by the pool. So I'm trying again.....I'm growing out my hair, growing out my bangs and not coloring it for the next year (or however long it takes to get rid of all the color I have on it.). It's funny because I really have no need to color my hair but when I walk down the aisle with hair color I desperately want to grab that box of silky black hair color and soak my hair in it! Lol! I know, it sounds silly but I just love how clean and sleek my hair looks right after I color it. I also forgot how my red my natural has in it. I have about 3 inches of my natural showing now and it looks so red in the sunlight compared to the other color. Most people won't notice a difference because the tones are the same just one has a blacker tone and my roots have a redder tone. Sorry, to ramble on about that, it's the Cosmetologist coming out in me! Haha!

I didn't sleep well last night, strange dreams and every little noise woke me up......but I ended up getting up earlier then normal because I just couldn't sleep so I guess that was good. We had a bit of an "uh oh" while I was working out this morning. I was getting to a part where I was doing a lot of kicks so I told Gianna to sit down on the couch till I was done with that part because I couldn't focus on kicking and watching out for her. So she was on the couch for a few minutes then while I was in the middle of a kick she jumped off the couch right into my kick! I felt horrible! She cried for a bit but then seemed fine and her face looked fine. But after lunch I noticed she has a bit of a scratch at the top of her eye and a little bit of a bruise forming on her cheek bone. Bless her little heart! She's pretty tough though and ultimately handles it well as long as there is no blood or shots involved!

And big, exciting news for me - I'm going to the beach next month! And not just any beach.....and not any of the crappy beaches around here in NC or SC. I'm headed to Gulf Shores, AL which has some of the prettiest beaches. Blue water and white, powdery sand. It's gorgeous. And we're going in May - so lots of hot sunshine to soak up! My littlest sis, D, is graduating high school *little tear* and since she was home schooled she opted out of a ceremony or party. Instead she just wanted a trip so since my mom's birthday and Mother's Day all fall right around her graduating we decided to make it a big girl's party. So it's me, my two sisters and my mother heading down to the coast for 4 days. You have NO idea how excited I am! Going to the beach for one but getting away "by myself" with only me to really take care of?! How lovely. And I know my wonderful hubby (and mother in law) will take great care of Bug, she'll be thrilled to have them all to herself for the whole weekend! And so now the next few weeks are just going to drag by......but I'm going to go ahead and pre-tan by laying out some before hand. It's getting hot and sunny enough in the afternoon to soak up an hour or two of sun. I soak it up pretty quick....in fact the other day I sat outside on the sidewalk and read a book for about an hour. It was chilly but sunny and I had on a tank top and I already have tan lines! Sheesh! I try to avoid bathing suits with straps and if they do have straps make sure they are super thin so they aren't really bad tan lines!

But yeah, so exciting things to look forward too. I can't believe Easter is Sunday. I've got to get some eggs for Gianna. This will be our first year celebrating "alone", or without my family around. But it'll be fun and Gianna has an adorable dress to wear, I just hope it's warm that day so she won't have to bundle up like we have on other Easter's.

I think I may also plan to do a yardsale here soon.....I've never done one without my mom but I figure my sister my pitch in and we could do one together. We have lots of stuff we need to get rid of. We try to make it a point to clean everything out every fews months so that we aren't just keeping stuff to keep it. I clean out Gianna's clothes and toys fairly often. I never want her to be one of those kids that keeps everything. I hate it when people keep EVERYTHING their kid has every gotten, then dedicate a whole room to keeping all that crap for them when they never play with it. So crazy! I'm so glad my hubby has taught me the art of getting rid of stuff! Lol!

Still in the mood for Cracker Barrel and cinnamon rolls....not good!


  1. Hi! I've had an on and off relationship with bangs, I love them but sometimes when the weather it's hot they are the worst I get them all frizzy! I'm loving them right now, let's see how much it lasts... styling them to the side always works right? ... have a lovely day!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  2. I have my bangs cut straight across right now and usually I love them but they can make you SO warm!

    I'm wanting to chop my hair right now but I now then I'll want to grow it out again. It's always a battle.

  3. I chopped my hair off after having it long for several years back in march 2010. I loved it but then I wanted it long ago so now I'm in the process of growing it out. When I had it short I had my bangs straight across and loved it then that turned into a side fringe and now I want to grow them all the way out!