Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I'm Lovin'......

I was going to do a regular post tonight but I'm having problems with the program I normally use to make photo collages. And since I have a bunch of pictures to share I need to get those in order before I post them all on here. So I'll attempt that tomorrow sometime! For now I'll share a few things I'm lovin' right now!

1. My new Mac! Isn't she lovely? I'm still learning my way around, there are some things that you do differently with a Mac but it's so easy to learn and I'm falling into the groove of it very well! Not to mention it's so small and light weight I can actually take it places with me!

2. DIY French pedicures! I usually paint my toenails with color but I thought I'd try something new and do a French pedicure and I actually really like it. (This is a horrible picture of my feet, for some reason my ankles look swollen. But they aren't, I promise!)

3. My sweet little namesake, Alaythea Jade. Isn't she adorable?! I've yet to meet her, how sad. But she lives in AL, one of my dear friends from Cosmetology school is her momma and I was so surprised when she named her only daughter after me!

4. My hubby's hair cut. He finished "growing it out" and it was getting a little hot when he's out golfing and such so he had me cut it off the other night. I was actually getting used to it being a long and shaggy but now that it's short I love that too!

5. Toe rings - I've never been a fan but I think this summer I'm going to give them a try. I wore one today and I thought it was so cute! I think I'll be looking around for some cute ones.

6. Zumba was SO fun tonight! I absolutely love it. We actually got into actual work out's tonight. It was only a 20 minute express workout but we were all so excited about it that we all voted to do it THREE times! Lol! I'm already sore but it's so much fun working out with a group! I'm so glad that I started going.

7. Hot showers - nothing feels better after a good work out then a nice hot shower. And Gianna's at the age now where she'll hang out in the living room while I get a shower and she doesn't bother me much....it's really nice to have those few minutes of "me time"!

8. Turbo Fire is UH-mazing! The high energy blast work out's are great! I love working harder for a shorter amount of time. Chalene picks great music which I think is so key to helping keep your energy and motivation up. Not to mention she is just so full force it's totally inspiring! I've lost 2lbs this week! I've decided to only weigh once a week and that's Tuesday nights at Zumba because they have a great scale....mine are a little "iffy" I think.

9. Cottage Cheese Doubles. SO yummy! I love cottage cheese and it's good for you but I can only eat it in small amounts, even the smallest container at the grocery store just lasts way too long for me. So I discovered these at the Wal-Mart yesterday. A small amount of cottage cheese and a little bit of fruit topping too. I had the pineapple today and loved it! They have pineapple, peach, strawberry and blueberry. How cool?!

10. Eating right - I love it when I eat right. Truly. I feel so great! I don't know why I ever let myself get off track. But it's all good when I get back on track!

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