Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ok, so he might shoot me for posting these on my blog but I just thought they were too darn cute (and pretty sexy too!) to skip posting! The Hubs was fooling around at his mom's tonight and we both grabbed cameras and snapped a few pictures. Honestly, I'm proud of my hubby - I'm proud that he's not only a talented, smart, hard working man but that he's really nice to look at too! I'm glad he has a physical job that helps keep him in great shape instead of sitting on his butt being a couch potato! So yeah, I'm happy to call him mine!

So Mariah finally had her babies yesterday, super early in the morning. April 20th. She had four and three are cute little dark tabbies but there is one that's a grey tabby (this little fellow above.). I'm pretty sure he's a boy (you can "see" he is! Lol!) and I'm already getting really attached to him. I haven't picked him for sure or anything because they are so little you can't really know their personalities just yet. But some you can tell are more laid back, some are a little more whiney and needy, etc. So I'm not saying for sure but right now of the nine kittens so far he's my favorite!

The two at the top are a couple of the tabby's Mariah had....the two on the bottom are two of the five Eowyn had a week ago. They are getting so fat and sassy now, their eyes will start opening soon too. It's amazing to see how fast they a couple of weeks they'll be up and playing! So adorable.....

Sorry my blogging has been a bit off lately. The past couple of nights have been rough - Bug has been sick, I'm feeling a little "off" myself and I've been having trouble sleeping the past few nights too. It may be because there are a slew of frogs that insist on making the craziest amounts of noise once we go to bed. But I've noticed every few months or so I go through a couple of nights where I just can't sleep. I can't pin point it to anything in particular it just happens. Who knows....

Tomorrow we're "Spring cleaning" - loads of fun, I know. well, it has to be done. I'll feel great once it's actually done.

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