Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

I haven't been great a keeping up with blogging lately. This weekend was fairly busy and I spent most of my time working on stuff for Pretty Nods and trying to get it sold.

Saturday morning we got up and I made French Toast. Gianna loves French Toast and it's quick
and easy to make. Spent most of the morning cleaning the house before the Bama game.
My father in law and sister came over to watch the game. We always fix a bunch of food and us girls spend most of the time in the kitchen eating. SO not good for us but oh so good!

Sunday was church.....and our customary trip to Taco Bell. My sis came and had lunch with us.

(I love her little hip flare! Too cute)

Monday we're back to school.....Gianna gets so excited! She loves it. And she always asks at bedtime "Do I have to get up super duper early tomorrow for school?!" Yup.

Yesterday I just LOVED her outfit - skinnies, cardigan and Tom?! Yes, please!
We also started dance classes yesterday. She took "ballet" for a few months at another place in town and it was so bad. The teacher wasn't teaching, I paid almost the same thing I'm paying now but instead of 4 hours a month it was 2 hours a month! Not to mention the studio was always dirty, they were unprofessional and it just wasn't the place for us.
I had high hopes for this place - it's a break off of a highly regarded Gymnastics place. And I wasn't disappointed! They were very professional, her teacher actually looks like a dancer, she's in a class with almost 10 other little girls (versus the 1 girl at her other "class), the studio was very nice and very clean, and they have monitors in the lobby where you can watch the classes going on! I loved it! Gianna did an hour class and it was so cute watching her doing plies, learning how to open and close her feet in ballet positions.....but I do think we need to work it out for her to get a bit of a nap in between school and dance because I could tell she was so tired especially that last 15 minutes of class. But she loved it and can't wait to go back!

(Tired after class - see her star sticker on her chest? She loves that part and that they gave out little packs of Teddy Grahams afterwards too.)

(Her ballet room - this was during construction but now they have the ballet barre up and all that!)

My sis and I are trying to hold each other accountable and eat right and lose about 10lbs. each before the end of October! I always do better when I have someone to help hold me accountable and vice versa. I'm working out hard - doing P90X and walking and throwing in an occasional Turbo Fire work out for extra "umph". I'll let you know how it goes......
Beej has even jumped on the calorie counting train and downloaded myfitnesspal.com app.
He gets to eat 2600 calories a day....sheesh. Lol!

I still have some headbands for sale and antique button earrings! Check them out, buy some!
I am trying my best to make some extra money to help fund all the gas we are using going back and forth to school and paying for Gi's dance and I know that she'll need recital costumes soon and that's not going to be cheap! Hoping that this little business will pick up and help me out!


  1. Roollllllll TIDE! :D

    & your little ballerina looks absolutely adorable. :)

  2. Roll Tide to you too! And thanks, she loves dance and I'm so happy to have her somewhere truly professional where I feel like she's actually learning something!

  3. Very cute pics, Im so happy you found a new dance school that you like!!