Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Stuff

Just a few new projects I'm working on for PRETTY NODS. I'll have my Etsy shop up next Saturday, so a week from today! I'll make sure I post a link but for now if you wanna snag some of these goodies before then just let me know in the comments or email me at

Black "military" hat with black and white rosette, pom-pom flower and antique button.
$12 (+$4 for shipping.) This hat is SOLD but I will be making more soon!

(Close up)

T-shirt necklace - olive green and chocolate brown with a large olive green antique button.
$8 (+$4 if shipped).

(Second view)

Black and white t-shirt necklace with large black and white rosettes and antique buttons.
$10 (+$4 if shipped).


colorful 5 rosette headband on a chocolate brown band. Fits toddler to adult.
$12 (+$4 if shipped).

(Second view)

Cream and grey-blue 3 rosette band with antique buttons on a cream band. Fit toddler to adult.
$8 (+$4 if shipped.)

(Second view)

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