Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here, Kitty-kitty!

I was looking at pictures of my sweet Gemima and I can't believe how quickly she got over that cute kitten stage! I mean, seriously, she's only 4 months old and she doesn't look at
all like a kitten now!

(1 week old)

(2 months old)

(Before we brought her home....)

(The thing about Himalayan Tabbies is that they are born with blue eyes and at around 2 months old they start turning gold. She was kind in between here.)

(3 months old when we brought her home and just over 4 months old now! Crazy, huh?!)


  1. i never answered your question about my cat! i have no idea what he is haha. We got him 4 years ago walking out of walmart. They were giving them away for free and my husband (fiance at the time) HAD to have him haha. But yea my cat is HUGE and fluffy (15 pounds last time we checked) But we try to keep him shaved lol. he is pimp

  2. oh and ps.. YOUR KITTY IS ADORABLE! that face! i die!

  3. Our first cat, Gandalf, is a persian that we adopted at PetSmart. My hubby said no to an animal but when we saw him and found out his name as Gandalf (my hubby is a Lord of the Rings fan!) we had to have him! We keep him shaved most of the time too.....