Thursday, September 1, 2011


1. Reminders that a princess lives in our house!
2. My cat sleeps in the weirdest positions
3. Gi loves some
4. Boredom

1. When we go for walks she likes to hold my hand.....
2. Look at her pop a pose!

1. I liked my outfit yesterday - dress from Target ($10), Belt (thrifted $1), sandals - Roses ($5)
2. Such a cute smile!
3. Kitty scratch
4. Walking

1. Playing outside
2. Big morning hair
3. She loves me!

Currently Reading:
Stephen King's The Wastelands (Book 3 in The Dark Tower series)
It's awesome!

Currently Listening To:
Someone Like You by Adele
Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
Anything by Celine Dion
Codes & Keys by Death Cab For Cutie

Currently Wanting:
A haircut and a massage

Currently Looking Forward To:
Gianna's first day of preschool (Tomorrow!) and
getting to see an old friend next week (hopefully!).

Currently Wearing:
My new Nikes - I am wearing them OUT!

Currently Obsessed With:
My Fit Bit and peanut butter

Currently My Favorite Blog Is:
She has the cutest little kiddos with THE greatest names!

Currently Want To See:

Currently Watching:
Mystery Diagnosis and it's one scary show. I recommend not eating
while you watch it!

Currently My Favorite Quote Is:
“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." - Sydney Smith


  1. I love all your photos of Gianna! She's the most beautiful little girl! :D

    p.s. I've been listening to Someone like You by Adele on repeat since her VMA performance. She is so awesome!

  2. Thank you - I think Gianna is beautiful, of course, but I'm her mom! Lol! And yes, Adele is just unreal talented. Her voice and songs are amazing!