Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

We pretty much had our laziest day to date today. Yesterday was pretty close but we actually got up and got ready and went to church and went out to lunch but we laid around most of yesterday and then today we literally did nothing! Beej spent almost the whole day laid across our bed watching every sort of YouTube video you could think of, Gianna dressed up as a ballerina and just goofed off all day. I spent some time doing a little creating in my craft room. Awhile back I started Pretty Nods and I opened an Etsy shop and put some of my product for sale at the salon where I get my hair done. I kinda let it go by the wayside over the summer but I'm trying to get it back up and going. Trying to expand my products and try some new things. My Etsy shop is currently down but I hope to get that back up and running by the end of the month. Hoping to target people getting ready for the holidays and need gifts, etc. Plus I'm trying to figure out how to balance my cost/income ratio because these aren't easy to make and they do take a good bit of time not to mention the product cost and the shipping cost. If I charged based on all that you'd have a $30 headband! So I'm trying to find a balance of making them affordable but actually make a little something at the same time.

Other then that I took a two hour nap (I did yesterday too.) which is so not like me. I hate naps but the past couple of days I have just felt so drained. Hopefully that caught me up and I'll be ready to tackle the rest of the week!

Here's a few things I made today:

(My antique button collection! I'm trying to use these more and more in my designs.)

(A pretty little hat and pom-pom button flower for this Fall. I'm sending this to a blogger
friend who has an adorable little baby girl!)

(My first project of the day - "The Valentina" $12 + shipping)

("The Clementine" - $10 + shipping)

("The Tatum" - $8 + shipping)

("The Willow" - $12 + Shipping)

Happy Labor Day!!!


  1. I love the is so cute! I wish I had a lazy Labor Day, but I worked all day!

  2. girl these are great! you definately need to start your shop back up so i can buy it all! haha

  3. We so rarely have truly lazy days around here, Rebekka, so it was really nice! And yes, Christa, hoping to have the shop back open in the next few weeks. Trying to get enough product made up to make it worth opening!

  4. You should do those flowers on muffin hats...haha. I'd buy a muffin hat from ya! Also, I need one of the pin ones with the three or four flowers all in one, just do like three shades of red that look all pretty together. I get paid next Thursday