Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not much to say

Random - this is one of my favorite pictures of me and my handsome hubby! I found it today looking through some pictures my sis had on her Facebook.

On another note I made these today for my mom - they're the best ones I've made so far. I like the added touch of the braid in there. Kinda spices it up a bit!

And I found this picture today and just loved it! I hope Gianna's next room will look all pretty and feminine like this. Her room is all purple and pink now but it's dark and bright not light and airy like this......

The other thing is we are getting rid of our cat Gemima. Part of me is sad because she is a sweet cat but I just can't deal with her - she is so much work with all her hair and the Himalayan breed is know for having goopy eyes that have to be cleaned several times a day not to mention just general vet care is outrageous. So I've found a really great foster home that will take her in until a home can be found for her. We of course would never get rid of Gandalf, he's almost 13 years old and we've had him for 6 years so he'll be around till he moves on. But we are trying to simplify our lives, we have some changes coming up next year and it's just best for us to let her go..... so we'll be saying good bye to her in a few days most likely. And I VOW that after this we will have NO more long hair cats - no Persians, no Himalayans and no Siamese. I'm sticking to short haired domestic cats or hairless cats! I'm pretty sure that whenever Gandalf passes on I want to rescue a hairless cat. But that's on down the road sometime.....

Other then that not a whole lot is going on. Our daily routine of getting Gi to school, I'm working on projects for Pretty Nods and my etsy shop and keeping the house in some sort of order. Gearing up for the Holidays, Halloween in particular! Gi is so ready to have her costume already!

I'm headed to bed, I'm tired. The kiddo had a little accident in her pants before bed involving #2 and then after I got her cleaned up and in bed I kept smelling cat crap but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from until I realized Gemima had it on her butt and was smearing it all over my craft room. Seriously? Yup. So I had to stop what I was doing and bathe her and dry her and then clean up all the crap every where. Ugh. I just need sleep.

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  1. Oh the last paragraph sounds like my life. I was scrubbing the floors the day before yesterday and kept smelling poop and opened the kitchen door to a disaster on my clean living room floor! What we live with to have our animals...