Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rocket City, here we come!

We're moving, peeps! Ok, not for a little while but we're moving and we're stoked! We're going to wait until the end of the school year since Gianna just started and loves her school so much. We want to wait until she's finished up this year so we'll be moving sometime in June. But we have SO much to do before we move. Just getting things in order, saving money, lining up jobs there, finding a place to live, etc.

Oh, wait, I didn't tell you where we're moving. Lol! Huntsville, AL. Actually I should say we are moving back. I was raised there until I was 12 and we moved to NC. Then I moved back in 2004 after I graduated high school to go to Cosmetology school and live with my grandparents. Beej moved down there July 2005 and we were married there and lived there for a year before moving back to NC to be near family.

My family (minus my sister right under me and her hubby) already lives there. They moved back a year or so ago to take care of my grandfather after my Granny passed away. I'm trying to talk my sis into moving down there too! I hate to leave her up here all alone, not to mention we've gotten kinda close over the past few months and I'd miss her.

Most people would think we are moving back just to be with my family and although that is going to be a huge plus and bonus for us (especially Gianna!) that's not the reason we are moving back. We've been considering a move for almost two years but just didn't feel certain as to wear we were supposed to go. We considered Nashville, TN since my hubby wants to do music, we thought about Greenville, SC because we love the downtown area, and we even considered Asheville, NC since that's near my hubby's current work place. But no where felt right. We love Huntsville and it has so much to offer. It's growing my leaps and bounds and it's only 2 hours from Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL. Not to mention it's a much more cultured place then where we are living now and we really want Gianna to be brought up somewhere we can be proud of.

Don't get me wrong, Rutherford county will always be "home" to us as well but there is nothing here for us. The county is very poor and depressed and has nothing to offer. We want to move somewhere we feel we are thriving and growing.

There is A LOT we have to set in order but we both feel this is God's direction and next step for our lives and with some careful planning we know we'll get there. I'm excited about what's to come and I feel like we have a goal and purpose to work towards and people always thrive when when there is a vision!

So even though it's 8 months away we are already planning and setting our sights on what's to come!


  1. ::squeals::

    yay! i know the real reason you're moving back is to meet me and hook little G up with redhead G. ;-)

  2. Oh you know that's the real reason! We have to secure the future of our daughter with someone witty and adorable! Lol!