Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need Your Help!

So I need your help, peeps. I've had some things come up recently and I'll just be straight up honest - I need to make some money! We are on one income right now and occasionally there are things that I need to make a little extra money for. I've been hoping to get this little headband/accessory business going a little better. I had an Etsy shop going for awhile but I've let it fall by the way side and I'm hoping to get it going by the end of the month but for now I'm throwing things up here on the blog and asking you to help me by purchasing one of my little handmade goodies! Each piece is unique and there won't be another one exactly like it. I try to keep the cost as low as possible but still make a few bucks on each one. All the buttons are from my antique button collection. Shipping on all items is $4.

Mustard yellow pom-pom antique button rosette set on a
chocolate brown stretchy band. Fits baby to adult. $8

Cream knit hat for baby to toddler with a wine red pom-pom antique button
flower. $12 (SOLD)

Upclose of wine red flower on the knit hat. (SOLD)

3 dark red based rosette flowers with antique buttons set on a bobby pin. $5 (SOLD)

5 rosettes - base colors brown, cream and light blue and lace. With antique buttons.
Set on a cream band. Fits children to adult. $10 (SOLD)

(Second view) (SOLD)

2 chocolate rosettes and a turquoise blue based rosette with antique buttons,
set on a chocolate brown band. $10 (SOLD)

(second view) (SOLD!)

4 rosettes - mustard, wine red, lace and cream with red dots with antique buttons
set on a chocolate brown band. $10 (SOLD)

(Second view) (SOLD)

3 chocolate brown rosettes set on a pink band. $8

(Second view)

3 rosettes - red and red based pattern - set on a red band. $8

(Second view)

2 chocolate brown pom pom flowers set on a cream and gold striped band. $8

(Second view)

Canvas pouch purse - perfect for when you just want to carry your phone, I.D. and money!
3 mustard based patterned rosettes. $12 (SOLD)

(Upclose of rosette details) (SOLD)

Canvas pouch purse with large blue rosette, black rosette and large black antique button.
$12 (SOLD)

(Upclose of pouch detail) (SOLD)

Send me an email ( or leave me a comment with your email
and let me know which one you would like. I accept Paypal payments. Items will be
shipped ASAP!

Thank you!

**** Note: As of right now my chocolate and turquoise 3 rosette headband is SOLD!
****Note: Both of my canvas pouch purses are sold....
****Note: Knit hat with pom-pom flower is sold.
****Note: 3 rosette bobby pin is sold.
****Note: 5 rosette band is sold.
****Note: 4 rosette band is sold.

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