Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'll Just Say It.....

Ok, I'll go ahead and say it although you've probably already figured it out....I have an issue with weight, I have body image issues! I will always see the negative in myself far before I see the positive. I do not have a problem with overweight people - I truly don't. I've grown up with a lot of my own family being overweight on different levels and at different times. What I have a problem with is the attitude that alot of overweight people have. If you are truly happy and healthy at the weight you are then I have nothing against that. I don't think everyone should be a size 2. I want so badly to be really healthy, I'm not yet but I keep working towards that goal daily. I want to be thin, not anorexic but comfortably thin. I don't care how many people tell me I look great the way I am, until I am at the size, weight and healthiness I want to be at no one can convince me otherwise. I get upset because I know that I was one of those people who was truly unhappy with myself but claimed it was everyone else's fault or tried to make excuses for how I was. Don't complain about your weight if you are eating crap and doing nothing. If you are happy that way then I whole heartedly support you! Just don't complain!

I get tired of overweight people constantly jumping on their "soap boxes" and dissing thinner people. They are constantly trying to justify the way they are. They call thin women names and point their fingers and claim that that's what skinny people do to them! It almost makes me laugh and makes me angry at the same time. I know a woman who is trying to lose weight right now - she's overweight and her and her whole family having been trying to eat better and get healthy. I am totally supportive, and I even expressed that to her on many occasions. But she has this habit of constantly dissing thin women. She is always justifying and celebrating big women which I don't have a problem with if it was done in the right attitude and spirit. But this is done out of jealousy and frustrations towards these people. I remember being there, I remember putting down healthy, fitter people because I was embarrassed to admit I wasn't willing to put in the work and effort it takes to be healthy and fit. It's a lot of work, a LOT of work. I don't have it down and I enjoy exchanging tips and information with other people trying to get fit. But most people get so petty about it all. They can't stand someone getting "ahead" of them in any way. So they resort to calling them names and blaming it on them instead of just admitting they just want to tear others down because it makes them feel better about themselves.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kristen Stewart. Yes, I didn't really discover her until Twilight but I love her so much now. She seems so down to earth and even awkward sometimes - it's in that slight "imperfection" that I find her so alluring! I think she has a phenomenal figure and she can look great in grungy skinny jeans and a t-shirt and then she looks great in heels and a mini on the red carpet! I think she's a great actress and doesn't get enough credit for her talent. Seeing her always inspires me so much - seeing her last night in Eclipse has totally given me a boot in the booty to get it together again and really start working on myself again. Not letting myself get too lax! I don't believe she's a druggie - just because she's thin and has a laid back, artsy personality doesn't mean she's on drugs. She's musically talented as well and I think she's alot deeper then people think. I love it that my hubby thinks pretty highly of her too - I'm not one of those girls (anymore....) that believes my hubby should think I'm the ONLY pretty girl in the world! Get real, people. Don't get me wrong, I know my husband loves me and thinks highly of me and finds me attractive. But if he told me he didn't find any other woman attractive I know he was lying! I know a girl who is constantly telling me how she denies telling her "significant other" that she thinks this actor or musician is cute or hot but she'll tell me and everyone else. If Beej asks me if I think a guy is good looking I'll tell him, honestly, yes or no. It helps nothing for me to pretend I don't "see" other guys! Lol! Nor does it help anything for him to pretend he doesn't see other girls. I am comfortable enough with who I am and confident enough in his love and fidelity that I don't have to worry about it!!!

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