Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What moves my soul....

Music moves my soul. Some more then other obviously. But music inspires me, moves me, changes my mood and attitude and helps me create. Some days I hear songs that just absolutely catch me and make me feel like I just can't describe. In awe I guess. Sometimes they aren't anything fancy, it's not the the "fanciness" that gets me. I think some songs are just written with such honesty and passion that it bleeds onto those who listen to it. I guess sometimes that idea keeps me from writing my own songs - even though I've done it before. I just don't feel like I've written anything passionate and moving just yet. But hopefully that will change....I am hoping that my soul with bond with serious inspiration soon and I'll find what I need! I posted several pictures of Stacy Dupree, she is my new idol. Musically and fashion wise. I have taken up piano because of her - she plays both piano and guitar but seeing her behind the piano totally stoked the fire inside me to do something with myself! I really want to make an album that I'm completely proud of and I'm not ashamed to let people here it.
I usually get randomly inspired - it usually comes suddenly and quickly but it's rare. I get ideas and lyrics all of a sudden and if I don't write them down they'll be gone as quickly as they came. I wish it was different for me, I wish I wrote differently but that's usually how it happen. Beej writes his stuff completely different then I do and that's what makes each musician/artist/songwriter different. If everyone was alike how boring that would be. I get inspired my other people's music - I can be listening to a song and suddenly get an idea. Most of the time it has NOTHING to do with the song I'm listening to. One word can inspire a whole idea or sometimes a thought in a song can inspire a completely different one for me. Occasionally I've been inspired by what I "thought" a song said and found out later that wasn't the lyric at all! But I don't get inspired musically often...it's hard for me to put the lyrics and ideas I have to music. Especially with my limited ability on guitar....I am hoping that taking piano will expand my music writing abilities. I have music in me I just don't know how to cultivate it.
My three favorite vocalists I sound nothing like! I guess that's why I like them, it's how I wish I sounded. My voice is too normal for me, it doesn't have anything unique about it. I don't know how to manipulate it to sound like I want it to. I had too much "training" I think, even though some of it was professional and some of it wasn't it still taught me to keep my vocals too restricted and proper. I have a hard time getting past that now - most of the vocals I admire these days are probably considered pretty improper but that's what makes them so wonderful! My favorite vocalists are Stacy Dupree (Eisley), Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer) and Anya Marina.

The 5 songs that stick out to me vocally, musically and lyrically are:

1. Memories by Eisley from their album Room Noises

2. Down and Out of Time by Sixpence None The Richer from their album Divine Discontent (one of the best albums EVER in my opinion!)

3. Glass of Water by Coldplay from their EP Prospekt's March

4. A Bad Dream by Keane from their album Under The Iron Sea

5. Read My Mind by The Killers from their album Sam's Town

Of course there are many, many more but these 5 stick out the most -when I hear them I wish I had written them, thought of those lyrics, put those chords and notes together.....I wish they were mine!


  1. I am a lot like that...one word will trigger inspiration and creativity within me whether it be from a song, or even in literature. Although I am talking about writing poetry, not writing songs....because song writing, well, that is an art I hope to one day semi-master, but highly doubt I ever will.

    I am loving Eisley...so thanks girl for giving me inspiration through getting to know a new band. Eisley is smashingly brilliant!

    I haven't really looked into Stacy DuPree's fashion/style much but she is lovely!

  2. PS- So glad Stacy DuPree inspired you to take up playing the piano! :)