Tuesday, June 22, 2010

See me run!

Yesterday I made the decision to start running....I hate running and I just don't think I'm cut out for it but I want something new to do and during the summer months at least I can run fairly late in the evening and still have light. I know lots of people who run and for the most part the ones that truly run are pretty fit. I started a third round of Insanity yesterday and I plan to add running at least 3 times a week, maybe more. I talked to my coach about it and explained that I desperately want to get my midsection toned and that's why I was trying this - he said, "you and that midsection...." It's the one thing I constantly complain about and I'm always trying to figure out how to fix it! Lol! He gave me some tips because he's a big runner, I know I'm going to need better shoes at some point. Mine are good but not the best. Hoping for my birthday I can get Turbo Fire and new shoes...it's all I want! I think I might try some Saucony's this time. I got Beej a pair for work back at Christmas and they've worked pretty well for him. They have more arch support then some of the other brands and that's one of biggest problems is arch pain but I didn't have any problems last night.
I loaded Beej's iPod with some good running songs and set out after some warming up and stretching here at the house. I was surprised, it was easier then I expected. Granted I didn't run forever but it was a good first time out! I ran for about 40 minutes and covered 2 1/2 miles around the neighborhood. I would say I ran at least 3/4 of the time, I didn't have to stop because I was out of breath but because my thigh muscles would start burning so bad. I think I've worked my cardio up pretty well. I will say though that ab muscles felt really tight when I was done and that's a good thing! Hopefully they'll keep tightening....not to mention I was gloriously sweaty afterwards! I used to hate to sweat, I would avoid anything that made me sweat but now the sweatier the better, it means I'm working hard! I've decided for now to try and do Mon., Wed., and Fri., evenings for at least a couple of weeks. If I really start getting into it I might add an early morning Sat. run too. But we'll take it a little at a time. I have to start setting smaller goals to work towards bigger ones.
We've been throughly enjoying the pool this summer! It's been SO hot I can't imagine not having it now. We got in fixed just in time for the super hot weather to hit. And Gianna has this beautiful little tan going on even though I coat her down in 50 SPF sun screen every time we are out. It's adorable! Her hair is getting lighter from the sun and her skin is getting darker, she looks like a little sun goddess! We both have to make sure we drink plenty because the sun is sucking me dry....I am so thirsty by the time I get home. I have a bad habit of not drinking enough - I try and keep a big glass of ice water out with me when I'm laying out. I'm getting a lot of reading done while I lay out....Gianna plays in the pool with the kids and I lay out before I swim and read for an hour or so! It's pure awesomeness! Lol!
Yesterday I borrowed one of my Mom's pedometer's to count my steps. I mainly wanted it for running because I wanted to know approx. how far I ran/walked. I put it on around 6:15pm and drove home and went running around 7:30pm and took if off at 8:15pm (2 hours) and I had almost 6,000 steps! 2,000 steps is approx. 1 mile. I'd love to put one and Beej and see how many steps he takes every day while at work! I bet it's close to 20,000, no joke! I know it wears him out sometimes but I'm glad he has an active job and not one that he just sits on his butt all day long.....I think that would mentally wear him out more then being super active. Beej usually drops about 10lbs in the summer just from sweating alone! I wish I could sweat and lose weight - I feel like I am but I don't think sweating does anything for me other then require me to take a shower! Lol!
So, it's a new adventure for me, I plan to get pretty good at running. It's something I've wanted to do for awhile but convinced myself I couldn't do but I'm trying to undo that kind of thinking!

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  1. hey, re shoes, find a running store near your house that has a treadmill and will video you running. they should do this for free and give you advice as to what kind of shoe you need (based on your gait). i would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend doing this (rather than purchasing solely based on price, style, etc.) know what you need first, then go for style! :)