Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Summer Days.....

The countdown has begun - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be out in 7 days! I have our tickets bought and waiting for us and I couldn't be more excited!!! Last year I went alone to because the friend who was supposed to go with me had ditched me and my current "friend" didn't like movie theaters except with her husband! Lol! She really just didn't like me but you've heard that story before so I'll move on quickly. But this year my lovely hubby wanted to go with me! I'm so excited, he's seen the other two but this will be the first time he's gone to opening for one of them! We are taking another friend of mine too and it is just going to be pure fun.
We bought the soundtrack Sunday at Starbucks and WOW! It is the best Twilight Saga soundtrack so far for sure. The artist are amazing, mostly rockin' indie bands which Beej and I love of course - awesome songs by Metric, The Bravery, Florence + The Machine (I'm in LOVE with her now!), The Dead Weather, etc. This is the first time I've had the soundtrack before I saw the movie. So I'm going to be looking for the songs throughout the movie. I think this movie is going to blow New Moon out of the water. NM was good but didn't the have the substance that Eclipse has. Not to mention I think the director did a really poor job with NM. The director for Eclipse is known for doing "dark" movies so I think this will have that dark vampire/werewolf vibe that made Twilight so alluring. Even though NM was depressing story wise it still felt to "bright" and it felt very rushed. So needless to say, I'm beyond excited!!!!


Moving on......I have now finished 3 or 4 books in the past couple of weeks. I have read 1 Stephen King book, 2 Dean Koontz books and I'm working on my 3rd Koontz book. And that's just been in the last month. With all this sunning time by the pool I am tearing through books which is great because I have a ton of them to read! I find reading so relaxing even if I'm reading a suspense/horror, drama, etc. The cool thing about both King and Koontz is they have a little of everything in their books - drama, suspense, horror, and romance. Perfect reading! I do want to go to the library soon and pick up Koontz second book in the Frankenstein series. I read the first one, own the third one so I need to read the second before I can move on. The first Frankenstein was awesome so I'm eager to read the second one. So what are you reading this summer? I do not believe people when they say they don't have time to read, you have time to do what you want. I read before bed sometimes too, I go to bed 20 or 30 mins before I normally would and just read - I read pretty fast so that can accomplish alot for me but you can read while waiting in line places, in bed, by the pool, etc. Reading keeps you mind fresh and active and I plan to stay that way as long as possible!


I am currently listening to Florence + the Machine! She is my new discovery for the week! She has a song on the Eclipse soundtrack that will blow your mind. Her vocals will make you have goosebumps! I've started looking into some of her other stuff and it's just as good. It's just one girl - Florence Welch. She's from London, of course! And she's only 5 days younger then I am - she was born August 28. 1986 and I was born 5 days earlier. So strange thinking about famous people who were born at the same time or around the time I was born, to see what they've done in their lives and what I've done in mine......And I'm listening to the Dead Weather too. Their stuff is really great, I'm a big Jack White fan. He's my rock 'n' roll crush! Lol! He's so out there, so eccentric and part of me wishes that's how I was. He absolutely doesn't care what people think and it's totally awesome! Some people claim to not care what people think and then some people really don't care - He really doesn't care and that's what makes him so attractive, that and the fact that he is INSANELY talented! And of course my beloved Eisley - I am so in love with them and their music. I am currently learning two of their songs on piano. I have the chords down so now it's on to accenting and timing it all right.....I LOVE playing piano and I can't wait to get really good at it! It amazes me what great songs out there are just simple chords.......... So what are you listening to this summer?

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  1. I am SO EXCITED about going to see ECLIPSE with you 'n' Beej! Next week can't come soon enough!

    As far as music is concerned.....I listen to everything. I really like Eisley, Tokio Hotel, Jason Castro, and The River Empires, been listening to Flyleaf and Family Force 5 a lot lately too.

    Reading....well you've seen the 'stack' I had listed on my blog and fb I'm sure. I'm not such a fast reader like I used to be anymore. I get my little add self on track and then I get distracted, so I end up having to reread things sometimes. I am working on a stack of books though currently, so that's good I guess.