Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Spring Day has come and almost gone....

I had quite splendid day today - it was just one of those easy days that just go by too quickly. Gianna was an angel today, no whining, no complaining, no getting on my nerves. For awhile there she seemed to have totally lost it but I think she's back to being my sweet little girl! I think maybe she just wasn't getting her energy out and that was coming across as her being bored and grumpy. But now with the pool she's spending hours swimming around and loves it! She puts on her arm floaties and she's off, kicking around and swimming in circles. She stays in till her lips are blue and she's shaking like a leaf! But we are skipping nap time for the most part now and so she's completely exhausted by the time we make our way home in the evening. Last night she went to bed about 20 minutes earlier then normal which was fine by me! We are both getting a nice little tan - I hate the tan lines but I love the dark skin. Gianna's little back looks so cute all tan and dark!
I worked out this morning and that always makes me feel good about the start of my day - after that piano and I have officially moved into learning to read notes now! It was a little scary, I really felt dumb at first but I've gone over it on my own some today and it's started to make me sense the more I play it, or try to play it! I am learning little by little about chords too from DeeAnna and Beej. I've learned, from the years I took guitar, that anyone can teach you to play chords and songs, that's fairly simple. You just memorize the position.....and I knew I could learn basic chords and chord structures from them but I also wanted to learn the basics of piano and how to read music - about time signatures, the staves (we learned it's not staffs today but staves!) and so on. So I figure within a year I'll have a pretty good knowledge and playing base. I don't have time to play around, I've got to get this down!
After that we spent the day out by the pool....listening to rockin' tunes from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, Muse and Coldplay. And I started a new book by Dean Koontz called Sole Survivor. I'm not sure what it's about, the cover is missing - lol! I think we got it pretty cheap at a thrift store but I'm sure it will be great, I've only read on or two of his that didn't really get me. One of the best books I've read so far I finished a little while back was by Stephen King and it's called Duma Key. Completely awesome! And the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz have been really great...I just finished the third one just the other day. I read a lot and I find a great time to read it when I lay out by the pool....I devour books and this is the perfect time. The kids help out with Gianna in the pool, I'm right there if she needs anything and I can sip something cold, read and listen to great music! It doesn't get much better.
D and I did break for a bit and help Dad mow some grass.....their yard is huge and it has to be mowed once a week during the summer. It grows so fast. But I don't mind really, it's extra calories burned! I push fast up and down those hills and break a killer sweat, especially in this heat.....after that we took another dip in the pool - this time I swam and swam, did some under water ab crunches (I'll feel that in the morning!) and some arm exercises too - more calories burned! Awesome! Lol! Of course, I totally zapped that with the yummy spaghetti dinner we had. I have a weakness for french bread. *sigh* Beej has gently reminded me that summer is not the time to be slacking off with eating right. And I know it's true I just honestly haven't wanted to eat right lately. I get tired of being the ONLY one eating right. And that's not to sound self righteous or anything. I just hate going anywhere and everyone else eating anything and everything and I'm eating nothing. It gets old quick. But I can't let everyone else keep me from doing what I know is best for me. So Monday I start another round of Insanity - full 60 days and the diet. Can't promise I won't screw up but I'm going to do my best not to. We have a bar b que in August at Beej's work, it's like a company picnic thing and I want to look great for it.....not a big butter ball! I plan to swim for the first time - this will be our 3rd or 4th picnic up there and I've never swam. And we are going to the many reasons to not be eating like I am. But for some reason summer weather entices me to eat ice cream and ice cream has been practically free at the store lately. I've found Breyer's ice cream for as low as 1.99! Goodness, how I can pass that up especially when it's my favorite brand?! But I now look like I have a banana split around my middle so it's got to stop before I am once again consumed. Luckily I've still been working out diligently so that's helped but not taken care of it all. I'm eager to start a new program hopefully at the end of August. I'm asking for Turbo Fire for my birthday! I can't wait!!!
So, it's almost the end of my really wonderful sis is spending the night tonight. I'm doing both of my sisters hair tomorrow. D went red a while back but it wasn't as bright as she wanted so I'm redoing hers tomorrow - we are going brighter and a little more orange! C is going from long and dark to short and blonde. Time for her summer look I guess! I'll post before and after's of both of them tomorrow....Beej is going to spend the day golfing. He's recently reconnected with some old golf buddies so he's going to be golfing more again which I think is great! I know he loves it and I'm glad he's got some top notch guys to play with again - people who can truly play and challenge him because he does love a challenge! Hooray for summer!!!

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